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Raindance’s 25th Birthday:

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One of the achievements of Raindance is the creation of an international eco-system. It was created by the dynamic Raindance staff, Raindance members and benefactors.

1.Raindance is a People organisation

Raindance Membership:
2,000 paid members worldwide, 65% in UK, 25% in Canada and 10% America and Europe.
70,000 newsletter subscribers internationally; 100,000 Twitter and Facebook.

2.Raindance is an Education Hub

Offering a range of short and long courses in writing, directing and producing.
– Raindance Open Classes: a full year-round menu of signature evening and weekend courses in writing, directing, producing, technical skills and web and virtual reality based content creation, supported by year-round networking and industry events to connect filmmakers and develop active communities of practice.

Raindance HND Level 5 BTEC in Moving Image is a two year programme combing lectured units two days a week with innovative assignments completing the schedule.

– Raindance Postgraduate Film Degree in partnership with Staffordshire University
Advanced career development and leading edge industry research and testing, with nearly 200 students, 50% in UK and 50% worldwide, working on a wide range of projects in a work-based, self directed study programme with mentors and industry advisors. [unique business plan available on request]

3. Raindance is a production incubator

Raindance Raw Talent: a micro-budget project incubator fund that leads to film production and distribution.

[unique business plan available on request]

4. Raindance is an audience showcase platform

Raindance Film Festival: Screening discovery films from the likes of Shane Meadows, Christopher Nolan, The Russo Brothers, Ben Wheatley, David O Russell, Matt Stone, Shane Meadows, Christopher Nolan and Gavin Hood.

5. Raindance is Recognition

Raindance Festival Awards and British Independent Film Awards (BIFA)

Raindance Festival films can qualify for a BIFA Award, and BIFA founder Raindance sponsors the Discovery Award for best new filmmaker.

Billy Elliot, Slumdog Millionaire, The Survivalist, Down Terrace are a few of the films that have been discovered and honoured at our award ceremonies.

Raindance facilitates the hotbed, the primordial soup of filmmaking.
Ken Loach



Raindance aims to promote and support independent filmmaking and filmmakers.

From new and emerging to industry pros, Raindance connects, trains, supports, and promotes visual storytellers through every step of their career.

The Raindance Film Festival runs each Autumn in London's Leicester Square.

Raindance has been delivering film training since 1992. A wide range of Open Classes to a 2 year HND Level 5 BTEC in Moving Images to a Postgraduate Film Degree are delivered to students on five continents, both in person and online.