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Check out the book >>> Anatomy Of A Premise Line – Jeff Lyons

Screenwriters often have trouble finding out how to write a compelling premise line. That’s why I was intrigued to see this brand new screenwriting book land on my desk, tossed to me by the founder of raindance himself, Elliot Grove.

Jeff Lyons’s New book, Anatomy of A Premise Line breaks down the inner mechanics of story telling. While it is recommend for new screenwriters, its important to note that most in the film industry should touch base on this book. The book addresses things such as writers block, character development, and the main focus and title of the book, a premise line.



The premise line

A premise line can be broken down into seven parts. These are used to flesh out the ideas of your story. They include things such log line, determining if you have a story or a situation and dealing with high concept. And while introducing premises this book does a very good job of addressing and reviewing the basic. Things such as plot, protagonist and character. This handy instruction guide not only addresses things for those who might already have their feet wet in story telling but also gives a great opportunity for those who might be interested in writing a chance to write.

The book is very approachable with its visual aids and ability to carter to the readers screenwriting level. And that’s one thing this book does very well. It’s almost as if it lets you decide the pace you want to read it at and gives off a sense empathy. It’s it pacing and visual aids are not so crazy as to throw anyone off from reading it, but it also challenges the reader by making them make their own choices.

This book is perfect for those who are having trouble structuring their stories and character and want help making them flourish. While it doesn’t do the job for you, it constantly pushes you onto the right path, and guides you through the realm of a screenwriter.