Raindance Launches The Rainbow Sale | Raindance Film School

Support the NHS!


We have launched the ‘Rainbow Sale’.

How does this work? Let us explain.

There are 3 steps:

First of all, your 20% discount. [Raindance members get 40%]
It’s easy and simple to get this.
Type in ‘RAINBOW‘ at checkout to claim your 20% off, Raindance aims to encourage our filmmaker community to continue learning and enhancing their skills at home during this time of lockdown.

Second: Donate
At the bottom of this blog post, you will see a donate button. Follow the link and send a donation to the NHS of any kind.

Third: Your free gift
Choose one of the following FREE Raindance filmmaking courses. Come yourself or give the course to a friend – they make great gifts.

How to verify your donation:

Send a screenshot of your donation to courses@raindance.co.uk to prove your donation, and claim your free course. In this email, please include your full name and your course choice. 

Why Raindance is offering this:

We believe it is our duty to help in any way possible during this challenging time. And we would like to encourage others to do the same.

Our Rainbow Sale aims to do two things:

Not only will you be receiving 20% off our courses already, but we offer a free course to encourage direct help to the NHS, as well as helping to educate and launch our audience’s emerging filmmaking careers.

Donate to NHS Charities



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