Raindance gets a write-up in the Telegraph! - Raindance


We’re famous! The press have pricked their ears and come a-sniffing around our submerged office to snap this frighteningly good picture of Elliot Grove and talk to him a bit about how Raindance has been getting along these past few years.


In the article, Elliot talks about how sponsorship for the Festival died down with the economic collapse in 2008 but how the loss was at least partially covered by our partnership with Groupon. He also discusses the importance of social media and deal partnerships to any small or medium-sized business trying to keep it’s head above the water in these difficult times.


Despite our slightly cynical tone at the start of this piece, we are actually absolutely chuffed to have had the Telegraph round for a chat and a photoshoot. Maybe all the other national papers would like to join in on the fun? It does look fun, doesn’t it?