Raindance does Rome - Raindance

23rd – 27th January 2013

The Raindance Film Festival is taking its inaugural trip to Rome, landing at the ‘Il Kino’ Cinema for a fun-packed 5-day celebration of independent film. Raindance Roma will feature screenings of features and shorts from the 2012 festival, as well as offering some of Raindance’s top courses, events and classes.

Our Opening Night will see Raindance founder and director Elliot Grove teach a staple Raindance class for free, the 99-Minute Film School, followed by a film screening (unfortunately, not for free) and one of our infamous Opening Night Parties (for which entry is, again, free! See, we do what we can).

A short film from Raindance 2012 will play before each feature. The feature films making an appearance at Raindance Roma will be:


A low-budget, first-timer film which commenced principle photography on Director Rob Savage’s 18th birthday. Having played at Raindance, it went on to get nominated for, and later win, a BIFA. Examining the relationship between an English boy and a German girl from a broken home, it is a truly extraordinary independent filmmaking story, with a fantastic film to compliment. More info here, Trailer here.

The Grief Tourist

Featuring Michael Cudlitz in an all-too-rare leading role, The Grief Tourist bubbles with tension and thinly veiled violence through an intriguing plot. Dark, thoughtful and exquisitely acted. More info here, Trailer here.

Ballroom Dancer

A stylish documentary following the celebrated Russian artiste Slavik Kryklyvyy on a journey to reinstate his former position of glory. Kryklyvyy retired from the professional ballroom circuit some years back due to injury, but the film captures him gambling on a return with a new, yet already long-suffering partner Anna Melnikova, in both the professional and personal senses. More info here, Trailer here.


Elli, a student struggling with debt, finding herself drawn into an ever seedier world to pay the bills and Iris, a debt collector for whom violence is all part of the job.  Events conspire to draw these two together in unexpected and dramatic fashion. Another first-timer film completed on a shoestring budget. More info here, Trailer here.

Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet

Directed by ex-Raindance staff member and Festival producer Jesse Vile, this heartbreaking documentary follows Jason Becker, a virtuoso guitar player who at the age of 19 was struck down with ALS. He was given 5 years to live. 20 years on, he is still alive and – confoundingly – still making music. Rock on. More info here, Trailer here.


Narrated by Jeremy Irons, Trashed is the new An Inconvenient Truth – only more shocking and disturbing, as it focuses on a subject far closer to home and, arguably, much more immediate than global warming. Just what happens to the millions of tons of rubbish we throw out every day? More info here, Trailer here.

Raindance Roma Trailer:


Over the course of the Raindance Roma, we’ll be hosting two more workshops in addition to 99 Minute Film School –  the seminal Lo to No Budget Filmmaking and a new appearance, Writing for Low Budget Films.

We want our participants to immerse themselves in the world of film – and so, for course and workshop attendees, film screenings come private & free! There will be separate screenings of the films for you who attend the classes, and separate ones for general members of the public. Exclusive!

‘But how much are the workshop tickets?’ I hear you cry in desperation.

For both Lo to No and Writing for Low Budget, we’re doing a special knock-off price of just €175!

And if you want more, there’s more.

You don’t ever need to leave the cinema for lunch – Chef Marco Tombolini is on-hand to suggest tasty, warming Italian dishes. If you fancy having lunch with the Raindance Team and with all your new filmmaking contacts, why not spend an extra €25 for on-site lunch, with a complimentary glass of wine or bottle of Menabrea?

For those only interested in watching films, a single screening will cost €5. A season ticket for all screenings can be bought for €20. That’s five films for the normal price of two.

A Presto!

Raindance Roma Timeline – to be updated

23/01/2013 – 99 Minute Film School, Opening Night Screening, Opening Night Afterparty.

24/01/2013 – 26/01/2013 – Lo-To-No Budget Filmmaking & Writing for Low Budget courses, followed by film screenings.

27/01/2013 – Closing Night Film & Afterparty.

About ‘Il Kino’

By late 2009, ‘The Grauco’ – a famous and historical film club founded in the ‘70s – was ready to close. Deciding it would be a shame for this institution to be turned into a Supermarket car-park, Cristiano Gerbino (a young producer with a morbid fascination for Don Quixote) phoned up his network of Italian creatives, and together they decided to do something to stop yet another old cinema from closing down. Raising the money and sharing their expertise between them, this group of 54 directors, producers and screenwriters revived the old institution and rebranded it ‘Il Kino’ – not only a cinema, but the cinema.

Now nestled in the heart of Pigneto, one of Rome’s youngest and most creative districts, this screen run by cinephiles and film industry professionals is one of the few places to go to in Rome and watch filmic gems that somehow escaped mass distribution. Cult, independent, documentary, national and groundbreaking cinema all cross paths at the ‘Il Kino’ – which aside from it’s 36-seater theatre boasts a bistro specializing in organic food and biodynamic wine.

Take a look at their website here.