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Are you concerned that your documentary will never get picked up by a top film festival or get sold to television? When there’s a problem with your film do you just struggle through alone? Well help is at hand through the services of The Documentary Consultancy working one-to- one (in central London) or on Skype.

Just as in drama film production a script editor is called in to help improve a screenplay, so in documentary filmmaking a documentary consultant can help you with a film that’s not as good as it can be.

Ways that The Documentary Consultant can help you:

  • Check that your documentary idea has the potential to be a successful film.
  • Help you develop your film idea into one that could be sold or accepted into a film festival.
  • Give you ideas about the best way to direct your film (e.g. visual style, presenter and/or music) to help it be the best film it could be.
  • Help you out of a first edit that doesn’t work.

Here are a few of quotes from past clients to give you an idea how The Documentary Consultant can help you:

In such a short time Col will set you free as a filmmaker not just to make a film but make an extraordinary film that will command an audience.
Sarah Gayton

Col Spector is the most patient consultant I have ever experienced. He is the consummate educator in the truest sense of the word. He has that rare gift of being able to draw out what his clients already know subconsciously. Mary Anstey

Col has truly helped me to make my dream project into a reality! His honest communication, which is crammed full of industry knowledge and experience, has guided me towards making a bold beautiful and deeply moving documentary

I had become stuck and was going round in circles with my documentary idea, but after an hour and a half with Col what I needed to do next became totally clear, as did the structure of my film. He is really easy to get along with, the session was fun, I learnt a lot and we nailed my pitch and Col gave me invaluable delivery tips.
Danni King

About Col Spector

Col Spector is an award-winning director who began his career producing and directing documentaries for the BBC and Channel 4. These include Just Enough DistanceThe Lost SupperThe Real Alan Clark, and Trouble At The House.

He then went on to write and direct the short comedy drama New Year’s Eve (starring Stephen Mangan & Keira Knightley) before making his feature debut with the low-budget unromantic comedy Someone Else(starring Stephen Mangan & Susan Lynch) which was distributed by Soda Pictures in the UK and the IFC/Sundance Channel in the US. His second feature, the relationship comedy Honeymooner (starring Gerard Kearns) was also distributed in the UK by Soda Pictures and recently broadcast on BBC1. He is currently in pre-production on a new dramedy feature.

Col teaches the popular Documentary Foundation Certificate at Raindance, and runs a bespoke documentary consultancy service, The Documentary Consultant, for professional and non-professional documentary-makers.
Col teaches the Documentary Foundation Certificate at Raindance

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