Raindance Announces its Partnership with Mandy, UK’s top Film and TV Crew Network - Raindance

We’re pleased to announce a partnership with Mandy UK, one of the best UK based platforms for anyone working within the film industry. 

By creating this collaboration with Mandy, we will be able to support each other in many different ways. Mandy as one of the most important platforms in the UK will be able to assist Raindance in expanding their network. Together they will become one of the strongest UK based Film Industry Networks.

Both companies will facilitate access for their members to be able to interact between companies giving them the possibility of expanding their personal networks. This collaborations opens the doors to many independent filmmakers new and exciting possibilities.

“ Raindance is interested on proving with powerful tools to our students and members, and Mandy is the type of partners we are looking for.  We are sure that the Raindance community will benefit from collaborating with the premier networking and jobs platform in the UK.”

Elliot Grove, Raindance Founding Director

Mandy contains one of the largest databases of crew in the independent film industry in the UK and around the world.  Having the possibility to connect with them opens many doors for Raindance within the industry. Combining the work of these companies will create a network that will strengthen new independent filmmakers.


We have interviewed Dav Raper, Crew & Theatre Business Development Executive at Mandy, to learn more about the services that Mandy provides.

Why would you recommend Mandy over other services for creative professionals? What makes your service stand out from the rest?

As the world’s largest creative community of actors, film and TV crew, theatre professionals, child actors, voice over artists, dancers, singers, models, extras, we empower professionals to find work and strive in their career. Mandy is for creatives, made by creatives, which really sets us apart from any other services. We make careers grow, provide countless opportunities and with our extensive community of members, it’s really a great place to network and be a part of.

How can independent filmmakers benefit from using Mandy?

Filmmakers can gain an incredible amount of benefits using Mandy. Not only do filmmakers have access to thousands of talented and fantastic crew members to consider for their productions, but with a pool of so many people, the benefits from networking and talking to the Mandy members is a huge plus.

We’re also constantly talking to top filmmaking creatives about how they do what they do and share those conversations with filmmakers. We’ve spoken with Morgan Freeman, Thor: Ragnarok cinematographer Javier Aguirresarobe, Isle of Dogs DP Tristan Oliver, The Handmaid’s Tale editor Wendy Hallam Martin and countless others. The info they share with us really is priceless.

What opportunities are available on Mandy for freelance film crews and actors?

There are so many opportunities available on Mandy. It’s actually incredible how many jobs we have on our site! Another part of Mandy that sets us apart from the rest, is that we have a highly experienced team of world class administrators who facilitate and manage all jobs and make sure they hit industry standards, are posted online and available to all.

What makes a casting listing for an independent film project stand out?

You essentially need to have precise clear information on the project, a good rate, detailed character descriptions and the dates of filming. It’s also important to mention details of the plan for the film’s distribution. This makes it clear that, even if it’s a passion project, it’s being dealt with professionally. Most often you get an idea of the professionalism, passion and quality of the project from the casting brief!  It’s an employer’s chance to show their personality and passion through the casting; so a casting listing is key.

What is an interesting success story that came from joining Mandy?

We have had so many success stories come from Mandy, but most recently the Oscar-winning short film, The Silent Child – used Mandy.com to crew up the film. Also, another Mandy member, Joey Curtis (Blue Valentine), got a paid writing gig posted on Mandy, which turned into a directing project, was shopped around and, eventually, bought by Netflix!



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