Production Paperwork Toolkit

Here is a useful toolkit full of paperwork that producers use to make movies. Having these templates will save you time (and money).

These tools will help you make and control your budget, and all in one handy place.

While you are at it, make sure you take a good long look at our Premium Members Deliverables Toolkit. These are all the contracts you will need to show to an eventual distributor BEFORE you get a cheque.

Enjoy and happy filmmaking.

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Budgeting Paperwork

[download id=”70″]
[download id=”71″]
[download id=”72″]
[download id=”73″]
[download id=”74″]
[download id=”75″]
[download id=”76″]
[download id=”77″]

Pre Production Paperwork

[download id=”78″]
[download id=”82″]
[download id=”84″]

Production Paperwork

[download id=”85″]
[download id=”86″]
[download id=”88″]
[download id=”83″]

Post Production Paperwork

[download id=”79″]
[download id=”80″]
[download id=”87″]

Sample Projects

[download id=”89″]
[download id=”90″]
[download id=”91″]

Storyboard Templates

[download id=”92″]
[download id=”93″]
[download id=”94″]
[download id=”95″]
[download id=”96″]
[download id=”97″]

Useful Articles and Resources

[download id=”98″]
[download id=”99″]
[download id=”100″]
[download id=”101″]
[download id=”102″]