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What is the difference between the Raindance Postgraduate Film Degree and Masters degrees from other universities?

What is the same:  This is an accredited university degree, awarded by De Montfort University in the U.K. and carries the equivalent standing to other accredited university degrees from the U.K. Raindance has been validated to deliver this postgraduate programme in partnership with De Montfort University.

What is different:  This is an innovative Negotiated Learning Degree in which the student designs a unique learning pathway toward his/her stated goals. Raindance helps students identify their own skills gaps to develop a unique learning pathway to get to the next level as a filmmaker or industry professional. Through this programme, students work with industry mentors and advisors to negotiate up to 80% of the learning. This programme has a fixed framework and structure but self designed, negotiated content for learning. It is NOT a traditional, course curriculum or pre-designed course that is taught to you or tells you what to do.

This programme offers you the possibility to study for a postgraduate degree, within the framework of the Raindance-DMU partnership. A distinguishing feature of the programme is that it provides the flexibility and freedom to drill down into the specific area of filmmaking that is of interest to you, allowing you to design a masters degree that meets your individual needs.

What are the underlying teaching and learning principles?

This programme draws inspiration from Schon’s (1987) notion of reflective practice and Kolb’s (1975) model of experiential learning, centered around the transformation of information into knowledge, and experience into understanding. Reflective practice in the context of this degree programme means the capacity to reflect on your choices and actions in filmmaking, as well as observing industry practice, in order to engage in a process of continuous learning. It’s about paying attention to the practical applications of what you think and do, contextualizing and relating them to theories of practice, and to understand your decisions and actions in relationship to theory and industry context.

How many hours per week?

This course is delivered part-time only, over 24 months. As a student, you will be expected to commit 18 hours per week to your studies. This includes contact hours and independent study.

When do study groups and other learning take place?

Mandatory Study Group sessions are scheduled weekly, typically on Sunday. Elective Raindance open courses and events take place evenings or weekends. Individual tutorials are negotiated to suit the schedule of both the student and the mentor. Monthly elective Project Skills Labs are typically scheduled on Saturdays.

As a student of Raindance’s MA in Filmmaking, you will also have access to all of Raindance’s open classes as part of your tuition fees.


When do the London-based and online cohorts start?

The London-based intake starts in September.

The online intakes start in September and May.

What is the difference between online learning and London-based?

There is no difference in the programme content or design. The programme runs the same way regardless of your mode of study, whether you follow the degree online, or on the London-based blended learning delivery. You will have access to the same resources and follow the same structure.

Following the course online will enable you to join from wherever you are in the world.


How do I apply?

Step 1:   Go to our online application page. and click on the red button that takes you to the application form. Follow the instructions carefully, and ensure all questions have been answered and points addressed. Then click SUBMIT. This application will be acknowledged by the Registrar, once you submit the accompanying deposit.

Step 2:   Pay the £500 deposit directly from the online application page. We will need to receive your £500 deposit at the time of application, in order for us to process any documents and consider your application for this programme

Step 3:   Kindly follow up your submitted application by sending an email to: masters@raindance.org to notify Raindance of your intention to apply. Pleased be advised that acknowledgement of your application may take up to 4 business days.

How do I send the deposit?

You can pay online with Paypal or by Card directly. Please click here to make a payment

* Note: Deposit payments are refunded in the event your application is not successful.

What supporting evidence do I need?

The following supporting documents are required to apply:

  • Your up-to-date CV;
  • Your previous diplomas from a university or accredited institution;
  • A written Reflective Essay of 500 words (+/-10%) addressing one of the following topics:
    • Reflect on a film project that you were involved in,
    • Analyse a film you’ve seen in the last year that inspires you;
  • A written Learning Plan that briefly outlines your chosen focus of study, skills development, activities and resources to develop your knowledge (Download Learning Plan)
  • A sample of  previous creative work in which you undertook a key creative role. This sample is not being evaluated or graded. It is meant to indicate an approximate current level of skill.
When will I hear back?

We make best efforts to notify applicants within two weeks of their application interview.

What are the entry requirements for this degree?

Raindance considers multiple criteria to assess an applicant’s suitability for this programme. This criteria can include an academic, post-secondary degree, industry experience or transferrable professional skills.

The admissions team will mainly scrutinise your ability to engage in self-directed study, and your reflective ability.


What if I do not have an honours degree?

We consider applicants both with an honours degree and without an honours degree, who can also demonstrate readiness and ability to manage postgraduate level work and independent study required of this programme.

We consider applicants from varied professional, technical and creative backgrounds, and consider evidence of prior learning and transferrable skills from other professional roles.

Can international students apply for the London based degree?

The London-based degree can only accept applications from people who already have residency in the United Kingdom for the anticipated duration of your studies. This may be through UK/EU citizenship, leave to remain, settled status, work visa, or other. 

If this is not your case, please apply to the online degree.


Can you help me with my visa?

Raindance is currently not able to sponsor visas to the United Kingdom through study on the MA in Filmmaking.


Key Facts

Tuition fees: £11,950
Length: 2 Years Part Time
Based: London or Online

Contact Us

Email us at: masters@raindance.org