Course Structure

The first two modules are taken as study groups with module leaders and your fellow students.

1. Approaches to Flexible Learning -15 credits, 150 hrs.

In this first module the student is expected to develop and pitch to the university a Learning Contract that will act as a road map of individual study over one year (full-time) or two years (part-time). The Contract will form the link between the individual’s project & career goals and the University’s academic and modular frameworks.

2. Practical & Theoretical Research Methods -15 credits, 150 hrs.

This second module focuses on understanding proper research techniques, a lifelong skill to support a filmmaking, media and storytelling career. Students investigate a topic that is foundational to their chosen area of study.

3. Negotiated Projects (x 3) -30 credits each, 300 hrs each.

Students design 3 separate modules negotiated with their mentors and advisors. Together these modules lead developmentally toward the student’s final masters project. The negotiated modules typically combine research and applied practice, testing or executing some aspect of writing, directing or producing.

4. Final Masters Project -60 credits, 600 hrs.