How to apply

Step 1

Fill in the online application form

We suggest you save your application locally by printing it as a pdf file or pasting your information into a word document. If you have any questions at the time of application, please contact us by email at masters@raindance.org with ‘Application YOUR NAME’ in the subject line.

Click here to apply


Step 2        

Pay Deposit

Please pay the £500.00 application fee HERE using the button below. You can pay via the PayPal button with a valid PayPal account or by credit card.

If you have any queries, please email: masters@raindance.org                         

Step 3

Collect, write and submit supporting documents

Once you have filled out and submitted your online application and paid your deposit, please begin the process to submit the required supporting documents. Your documents should be emailed or scanned to: masters@raindance.org If you have any questions about sending supporting documents or any other application questions, please contact the registrar, Baptiste Charles: registrar@raindance.co.uk

The following supporting documents are required to apply after you’ve the deposit has been received:

  1. Your Diploma or certificate of prior learning from and accredited UK university or international equivalent, higher education institution, college or training programme together with the transcript
  2. A written Reflective Essay, detailing your skills, experience and ability to successfully manage a self-study, postgraduate level programme in film and media arts (see guideline below)
  3. A written Learning Plan that briefly outlines your chosen focus of study, skills development, activities and resources to develop your knowledge (Download loading plan here)
  4. A sample or artefact of creative work in which you undertook a key creative role (writer, director, producer, cinematographer, composer, editor etc.) This sample is not being evaluated or graded. It is meant to indicate an approximate current level of skill.

Other supporting evidence may be required for some students, in addition to the above, and could be requested by the Registrar:

  • Proof of UK residence, Visa, or EU passport (for London-based students)
  • Additional course certificates or diplomas (if requested by Registrar)
  • IELTS 6.0, TOEFL score (for students who have completed a degree outside the UK, in another language) – more information here
  • Sample of academic writing (if requested by Registrar)

You may begin to submit supporting documents immediately after you have: a)   Paid the deposit b)   Submitted the online application form. If you have questions about any of the above document submissions, please contact: baptiste.charles@raindance.co.uk

What are the guidelines to write a Reflective Essay?

Reflective Essay (RE) Requirements:

  • The essay should accompany an up-to-date CV or resume
  • The essay should be approximately 1,500 – 2,000 words

The Reflective Essay must address each of these topics:

  • Discuss briefly your goal for this M.A., why you wish to pursue this postgraduate degree and state why or how you believe this degree will help you.
  • Reflect how your specific past professional, creative or academic experience makes you suited for this degree or your chosen area of focus in this programme
  • Explain with example(s) some transferable skills you’ve acquired from other jobs or roles that demonstrate an ability to manage self-study and set and achieve goals for learning
  • Highlight jobs, employment roles, notable achievements and/or any participation in creative or research projects relevant to a film or media career.
  • Reflect on one film, filmmaker or industry professional who has personally influenced you and discuss his/her work

Please email your Reflective Essay to masters@raindance.org along with your supporting documents, after you have filled out the online application. Please send all your supporting documents by the application deadline.