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On Saturday 22 February 2015, the  87th Academy Awards will take place, highlighting a year’s worth of skilled storytelling, breathtaking actors and amazing special effects.  Raindance is not a stranger to Oscar nominees, having shown several films before they received their nominations or their wins! Here is a list of some of the past Oscar contenders and winners that have graced the Raindance screens, organized by the year they were nominated.

2006 – Six Shooter – Short Film (Live Action) – WON

2007 – My Country, My Country – Documentary (Feature) – NOMINATED


2008 – Once – Falling Slowly – Best Song – WON
Although not technically a win for the movie itself, we would be remiss if we did not mention its best song win.

2009 –  Toyland (Spielzeugland) – Short Film (Live Action) – WON

2010 –  Kavi – Short Film (Live Action) – NOMINATED

2011 –  Restrepo  – Documentary (feature) – NOMINATED


2013 – Asad – Short Film (Live Action) – NOMINATED

         –  Buzkashi Boys  – Short Film (Live Action) – NOMINATED

         – Head over Heels – Short Film (Animated) – NOMINATED

2014 – Karama Has No Walls – Documentary (short subject) – NOMINATED


And at the Academy Awards this year, there is Our Curse and Butter Lamp, both nominated in the Documentary (short subject) category.

Our Curse

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