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How do you continue leading a normal life once you realize that the world is on the brink of catastrophe? You have two options – to ignore this problem or accept it and start looking for the best way to solve it and listen to the compelling words some of the world’s leading climate experts in “Once You Know”.

We may have thought of climate change as an event from a science fiction novel, but the reality is that the human race is sleepwalking into a climate apocalypse which has to be accepted and confronted. This is the important message of filmmaker Emmanuel Cappellin’s fascinating
documentary called “Once You Know”. In his film, Cappellin goes on an intimate journey around the globe in order to meet with some of the world’s leading climate scientists who are cursed with the “toxic knowledge” of Earth’s impending doom.

This gripping documentary acts as an eye-opener by telling us that neither should we give up on our dreams and hopes by panicking all around nor should we refuse to acknowledge the climate emergency. It offers an alternative way of tackling this issue – by working as a team. All of the scientists believe that the power to temper this “toxic knowledge” lies in the collective resilience by looking at this collapse as an opportunity to build a better world.

Born out of the collaboration between Emannuel Cappellin and Anne-Marie Sangla, this feature- length documentary undoubtedly deserved this year’s Jury Prize at the Hong Kong International Film Festival. A must-watch film which teaches humanity an important lesson.

By Vanesa Mitova, BA Film and Screen Studies, London College of Communication

Once You Know is streaming on Oct 30 & Nov 1.



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