A New Kind Of Story - Raindance

A new kind of story is taking hold of audience’s interest, and it is the kind of story that is best told as an Indie Film. It is the story of turning away from what everyone says that you should be or what you should do. These stories are about discovering who you really are and finding a way to bring that part of you to life. These are the stories of our time.

What would be the name for the character who goes through this journey? The hero is the old king, pushing back against the outside world and fixing it so people can be safe again. He finds a cause worth dying for and proves he can control his fear. This is a different story.

This new story is about looking inside yourself and finding what is worth living for — and it’s you. You have a star inside you, a talent, a way of being that will only be found when we explore the world of love. You are worth taking up some space. You get to bring your authentic voice to life. The story of how people awaken to this state of mind is worth telling.

The only word I could find for this character is borrowed from Jungian archetypes. The Virgin in its fullest meaning: to know you are of value for being yourself, just like a virgin forest.

Here are my top pick these days for Virgin movies:

  1. LA LA Land
  2. Moonlight
  3. Her
  4. I Am Love
  5. Starbuck
  6. Deadly Virtues (Screened at Raindance 2013)
  7. Magdalena
  8. Lars and the Real Girl
  9. Another Earth (Screened at Raindance 2012)
  10. Sing Street

Virgin stories cross many genres. Black and white films (Shadow of a Doubt, The Children’s Hour), Coming of Age stories (Brokeback Mountain, Better Than Chocolate), Coming of Age that goes badly (Virgin Suicides), Horror (Deadly Virtues, Carrie, Black Swan), Adventure (The Full Monty, Whale Rider), Romance (Ever After, Pretty Woman), Comedy (Legally Blonde), and Finding Your Talent stories that I can’t think of a genre name for (Little Voice, Billy Elliot).

Find out about Kim Hudson’s virgin story masterclass Writing Stories of Personal Growth: Screenwriting from a Feminine Perspective on 2-3 December 2017.



Kim Hudson is a narrative theorist and a pioneer in storytelling from the feminine perspective. She’s the originator of the ‘Virgin’ story structure. While a film student in Vancouver, Kim was told that all story from all time was based on one story, the Hero’s Journey, one universal story.
Kim instantly recognized the power of the Hero’s journey and began a lifelong journey to adapt and innovate the Hero’s journey into a revolutionary paradigm to enhance the storytelling and screenwriting journey from the feminine perspective.

For the next two decades she was thrown into her own quest to bring this new journey to life. Exploring mythology, psychology (Jung), story structure and hundreds of movies, Kim recognized a second story structure. She described it in her ground-breaking book, The Virgin’s Promise: Writing Stories of Creative, Spiritual and Sexual Awakening.

Kim has an unusual background. She is trained in geological exploration and is a specialist in treaty negotiation with indigenous people. She is currently a Fellow with Simon Fraser University Centre for Dialogue and Director of the Two Ways of Knowing project. She presents her unique story class internationally. She currently lives in the Yukon, Canada with her daughters and dog.