New Independent Film Festival in Japan

Independent Film Festival in Japan
November 2/3 2020 at Capsule Theater in Harajuku, Japan

The first Japan Indies Festival will be held November 2nd in Tokyo, Japan just after the Olympics end. The festival will be held at the Capsule Theater in Shibuya over two days during the National Culture Day Holiday of November 2nd and 3rd of 2020 with the support of Raindance.

Independent Film Festival in Japan

Capsule Theatre, Harajuku, Japan

Raindance has found their soulmate in the Japan Indies Film Festival, aiming to carry on the Raindance tradition of being a lighthouse for independent filmmakers in the land of the rising sun. Winners in the four film categories of Features, Documentary Features, Shorts, and Music Videos will be eligible to have their work screened at the 2021 Raindance Film Festival in London.

“We want to make a true DIY film festival in Japan that gives opportunity for filmmakers to honestly and fairly compete with each other. We also want to make a place where Indies filmmakers can network with others to create a true Indies film movement in Japan, which basically does not exist now.”
Mike Rogers, the founder of the Japan Indies Film Festival.

“We are delighted to support and endorse the only truly independent film festival in Japan. We look forward to engaging with the plethora of talent in Japan and Asia”.
Elliot Grove, founder, Raindance

The Japan Indies Festival (JIFF) offers a fair and open competition using online film entry services with a jury of well-known international filmmakers from Japan and abroad. Raindance endoreses JIFF and will throw it’s knowledge and expertise into making this festival a successful doorway to Japan and the Asian market.

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Japan Indies Film Festival is now open for submissions.
Submit Here via Film Freeway:
Japanese language only submissions at: www.eigaexpress.com

About JIFF

Our catch copy: “What you have always wanted, create!” JIFF is in keeping with the Raindance independent film tradition: a true film festival for indie filmmakers.

About Raindance

Raindance has championed independent film and filmmakers since 1992. The Raindance Film School combines the best of classical film training with the very best and newest digital technology. The Raindance Film Festival hosts the very best in independently produced shorts, featurs, documentaries, music videos and Virtual Reality selected from submissions from 119 countries (in 2019).