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Do you know what the best elements of a blockbuster film are? The straightforward answer for this is the script. Of course, there’s a lot of commitment by the actors, producers, and directors that make a movie likable, but nothing happens without a well-written script.

Screenwriting is the art of writing a script that will be acted out and presented on a screen—for example, movies, web series, and video games, etc. Multi-platform screenwriting involves written scripts for multiple platforms such as television, theatres, consoles, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

Ways You Can Earn With Screen Writing

Arts or crafts have no boundaries or limits. Anyone with a creative mind can excel in this field.  Work doesn’t get boring when you love doing it. Multi-platform screenwriting can help you earn while having fun.

Here is how:

1) Create a Web Series

No one these days would be unfamiliar with Netflix. You can watch movies on Netflix, and it costs less than what it could cost you in a cinema. The better deal within Netflix is you can watch web series that aren’t aired in cinemas. 

All people want these days is good food, drinks, and to binge-watch a good show. You can even get popular overnight if you create a good script. Creating web series can help you earn an enormous amount of money. Some part of it is luck; most depend on your creativity.

If Netflix is too out of reach, you can create your own web series on YouTube or other similar platforms. They are free, don’t require a high budget, and give your content a big audience. 

2) Write Commercially

The art of screenwriting is not just limited to movies or web series. There are a lot of things that fall under this category. Also, a good screenwriter has versatile qualities that allow him/her to produce different kinds of content.

You can get paid huge sums of money if you write commercially for brands, such as deciding slogan, promotion posters, or tag lines. You can also earn by writing applications and commercial advertisements.

3) Write for a Website

It is important to set boundaries for people; however, setting boundaries for your growth can be troublesome. When it comes to screenwriting, do not label yourself as a movie, web series, or YouTube channel screenwriter. 

Moreover, think about writing for websites that pay you for writing content.  This will help you in developing your skills and growing into a better screenwriter. Isn’t it a win-win situation?

4) Sell your film scripts to Producers

Selling your written scripts to producers can help make a fine amount of money. A well-written script is what the industry is looking for. Come up with unique, nontraditional ideas to stand out in the crowd.

Do your research properly and sort out things before you pitch your client. Be prepared with questions to all possible answers. If you write just for fun and out of boredom, you may have to think twice before jumping into it. However, it may turn out to be a golden opportunity to earn. 

5) Make a Micro-Budget Movie

Making a low-budget film is another smart way of earning. Write a short script. Try to include as few actors as you can. Act it out and release. If your content is good, people will watch it. A short film is a BIG YES even for those who can’t sit in front of the screen for hours. 

Upload it on any social media channel, preferably YouTube. If you get enough views, you can earn money from YouTube as well. If you become famous and gain followers and subscribers, you can earn by advertisements on your channels.

Another possibility is that you might attract producers in the industry if they happen to come across your video. If the script is appealing to them, you may end up getting contracts on a much larger scale.

Which Software is Best for Multi-Platform Screenwriting

Experts at digital marketing Houston TX have suggested the following software are great for multi-purpose screenwriting. With the help of these, you can create content that the consumer market wants.

1) Trelby

Trelby is a simple and fast software that will help you write excellent screenplays. It enhances your writings by allowing you several noticeable features such as:

  • Screenplay editor: checks your works against grammatical or punctuation mistakes. It also helps correct the format of your script.
  • View choices: multiple modes according to what pleases your eyes
  • Comparisons: allows you to see what changes have been made
    can be imported and exported in multiple formats

Moreover, it is absolutely free software. Screenwriters are benefiting from it worldwide. What is stopping you from beginning your journey?

2) Squibler

It is useful multi-platform screenwriting software that allows you to write perfect content every time you bring a rough and vague idea to the blank screen. The most noticeable features Squibler has to offer are:

  • Ability to collaborate with your teammates to review and proofread your content. This drives the best ideas that can be potentially exhibited.
  • Organizing your writing with split-screen, story outline, and corkboard outlines.
  • Custom modes that help you feel more comfortable while writing
  • Synchronizing within all your connected devices

Squibler costs $9.99/month, and it can be used for free for a trial period of 14 days.

3) WriterDuet

WriterDuet is professional multi-purpose screenwriting software that allows text and video chats while working with a team. It is built cloud-based so the data can be accessed on all your devices anytime and anywhere.

The leading features that make WriterDuet a top pick are:

  • Can be used without any training or prior usage experience
  • Allows collaboration powerfully
  • Has an auto-translate feature
  • Supports unlimited co-writers for each script

A free plan for WriterDuet is free. However, to access more features, you may purchase plans starting from $7.99 per month.

To Sum it Up

Screenwriting can be developed into more than just a hobby. It can be real-life work. Although, you may need time to adjust to the field and sometimes work hard to find people who would appreciate, value, and buy your work. 

Consistency is the key. Whatever comes easily goes away easily too. If you are determined and want to take it up as a profession and sole source of income, you have to be patient. 

There’s plenty of software available online, purchasable, and free of cost too, which will make your screen-writing journey easier.

Raindance offers a Multi-Platform Screenwriting class with New York Times best-selling author Tony Lee.

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