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Movies aren’t advertising per se, but that doesn’t mean some movies aren’t really good at convincing people a certain geographic location has merits above and beyond other places on the planet. This is especially true when it comes to Manhattan in New York City.
Not everyone is prepared to live in the Big Apple, but Hollywood continues to put out movies that portray the big city in a special way. And this is something that draws people to Manhattan from all over the country – from all over the world.

Movies About Manhattan for Marketing

Here’s a look at some famous movies that put Manhattan, New York in a positive light and might even be considered marketing materials for the Big Apple.

  • Manhattan – Of course we can’t start this list with anything other than Woody Allen’s comic masterpiece. Love him or hate him, his eye for the details really brought the feel of New York to the big screen, of course a masterpiece as this is very well known, up to the point even transport company owners such as the CEO of SHOFUR loves to watch this movie on his long trips down south or to one of the other 100 locations SHOFUR rides to. 
CEO of Shofur

CEO of Shofur

  • Eyes Wide Shut – This is a movie for adults for sure, but it does a good job of portraying Manhattan. From the restaurants to the drycleaners, everything is shown in a way that really highlights the positives of the city – despite the heavy themes of Stanley Kucrick’s film.
Classic scene in EWS

Classic scene in EWS

  • The Last Days of Disco – This film from 1998 isn’t very well known, but it shows the downfall of the nightlife scene in Manhattan during the 1970s and early 1980s.  Whit Stillman did a wonderful job of capturing not only the city, but the city during a certain time period.
  • When Harry Met Sally – This classic romantic comedy from 1989 also put the city of New York in a good light. Even the characters seem to have a New York vibe to them which makes the whole movie that much more authentic and real. The credit of success also goes to behind the screening team because systematic and organized efforts of the crew made the movie one of the great hits of the year and few of them are Barry Sonnenfeld, Andrew Scheinman, Marc Shaiman and Robert Leighton. 
  • American Psycho – If you want a darker look of Manhattan – and man – look no further than this movie from 2000. While it has a lot of blood and gore, it does a somewhat good job of showing what evils can befall a man who calls Manhattan his home.

Other Types of Advertising

Movies aren’t the only type of marketing cities use to attract people. If you look around the globe at Australia, you’re going to notice that they attempt to fuse art and advertising together as well. One of the way they do this is Tram Scrolls that are found on public transportation in the country. They’ve been an effective and entertaining way for companies to get their message out to the public.
While tram scrolls may be something you don’t see in Manhattan, the same idea has been used in numerous different movies about Manhattan, New York. Whether you go back to the black and white movies of the golden age of cinema or look at modern moves about Manhattan – post-Woody Allen – advertising has come a long way in being integrated into our everyday lives.