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Are you thinking about writing or producing a short, feature or documentary independently? If not, you should be. There has never been a better time to break into film. Raindance is here to help. Since 1992 we have been at the forefront of independent filmmaking in Britain.

Let’s make movies!

Reap these 10 Benefits of Raindance:

1. We have Europe’s largest independent film festivalIMG_1421

It’s true: more movies, more admissions than any other independent film festival in Europe. Want your film screened in Central London’s West End?

Members get one free short film or webisode submission or a 50% discount on features.

Members also get advance booking for the festival and 27% discount on passes to the entire event.

Check out our festival submission policy here.

2. We have hundreds and hundreds of scripts

Whether it’s a classic or contemporary film you are likely to find a script in our members area.

This brilliant resource of over 700 scripts is the perfect place to research how past masters of screenwriting created commercially successful scripts. They are simple to access.

Simply login and browse screenplays. Membership is just £50.00 per year.

3. We have over 20 hours of online training available 24/7


Stuck at home? Want to learn about crowdfunding? How about zombie makeup effects? Or screenwriting with Hollywood’s amazing screenwriter William C. Martell?

You can with our members-only training videos. These are exclusive to members and cannot be seen anywhere else.

Watch a detailed two hours on sound recording, learn about PR and marketing, or watch Raindance tutor Patrick Tucker’s amazing Saturday Film School segment – over 20 hours of online training in total.

Already a member? Login and browse Film Training videos here.

4. We have fantastic online resources

If you are making a movie download the Filmmaker’s Toolkit: sample budgets, business plans, and contracts for writers, directors, producers and actors. This alone saves members a bundle.

5. We have a revolutionary postgraduate degree

Raindance MA student Sadie Frost studying with Martyna.

Raindance MA student Sadie Frost studying with Martyna.

Way back in 2011 Raindance launched the Postgraduate Film Degree validated by Staffordshire University. Known internationally as the most flexible film degree anywhere, the course lasts one or two years, full/part time.

Currently 123 students on all five continents, half London based and the otehr half meet weekly online.

Student Sadie Frost loves the flexibility and tutor and mentor support which means she can devote time to her fashion company, her family and her MA.

Members get access to special screenings and meetings reserved exclusively for our MA/MSc students.

6. We are proud founders of the British Independent Film Awards

In 1998 Raindance created the British Independent Film Awards – which has blossomed to be of the film industry’s primary events.

Only members can get tickets to the event.

7. We have a film production company

Stanley Tucci at Raindance

In 2013 Raindance launched Raindance Raw Talent – to make and sell movies. In 2013 we produced Raindance member Mark Roger’s Deadly Virtues: Love.Honour.Obey. Member Sadie Frost played in the movie, and the movie was crewed by over a dozen Raindance members.

8. Script reading service

There’s lots of script reading services out there – our members only want the very best.

Get your script read by some of the very best script readers in the industry.

Members get 20% discount on our Script Reading Service.

9. Online Classes

Can’t attend our open classes in London? Members can book many of our weekend and evening classes and join our private members only Google hangout at 50% discount.

Opening Night Party 2013 at Cafe de Paris

10. We are at the end of the telephone

Whenever you’re stuck, call us. We don’t have an automated phone system – real human beings pick up the phone. What’s more – we love it when the phones are ringing like mad. Even more what’s more, we will really try to help.

Members can book One-on-Ones with Raindance founder Elliot Grove to discuss any project problems or issues they are having.

3 simple ways to join:

1.Pay cash or card at one of our events or at our offices (we are open 10am – 6pm Monday to Friday

2. Call us up on 0207 930 3412 and pay over the phone


3. In a hurry? Join Online Here: Just £50.00 a year:


What are you waiting for?

* fiercely independent: We don’t take government or public funding support.

Your support helps us to present the annual Raindance Film Festival and to maintain this website.