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Adam Bernett


Adam’s Story So Far:

One day, years ago, a young Concordia University student, who at the time was inexplicably studying a double major in Biology and Physics, stood up in the middle of a lecture and, to the great puzzlement of his peers, walked out. Years later, that young man would be informed by one of the students who witnessed the event, that when he did not return the next day, or the next week, or even the next semester, his peers had simply assumed that he had died.

Adam however did not die; he instead became an actor.

After dropping all of his courses that very night, Adam took his student loans money, clearly earmarked for his education, found an apartment and used it to move downtown. This would be the start of a new and infinitely more fulfilling life, pursuing a career in acting, filmmaking and all around storytelling.

For more specifics on Adam’s filmography, education and other interesting tidbits, feel free to visit his page here: http://adambernett.workbooklive.com/ or his IMDb profile here: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm4688589/