Raindance One-to-One Film Mentorship

Getting feedback is an essential part of filmmaking, and it is crucial to help you grow as a filmmaker. Receiving coverage on a screenplay or an edit is indispensable in order to improve your project’s chances of getting noticed. Through Raindance’s mentorship programme, receive support from award-winning practitioners, independent filmmakers, and punch up your work to the next level.


Our Mentors

Stéphanie Joalland - Screenwriting

Mentoring strengths

  • Script development from idea to final draft for short films, feature films, and TV pilots
  • Development of TV bibles
  • Adapting short stories, novels, and comics for the screen
  • Development of animation projects (script and visuals)
  • Short filmmaking
  • Low-to-no budget film production
  • Project packaging (look book, business plans, previsualization, pitch deck)
  • Director’s preparation work from mood boards, proof-of-concept short films to story-boards.
  • Casting, rehearsal, working with actors and workshopping scenes and scripts with actors
Sean McConville - Writing, Producing, Directing

Mentoring strengths

Mentoring strengths would cover all aspects of the film industry, but with particular focus on writing, producing, directing. As a filmmaker who produces as well as writes/directs I can advice on story development, creating business plans, finance plans, budget & schedules, attending film markets and festivals, as well as how to create pre-visualization (pre-viz) elements (concept art, mood boards, proof of concept shorts, etc) that will inspire students to be proactive in their careers.

Romana Lakinger-Njari - Directing, Screenwriting

Mentoring strengths

Directing, working with actors, micro-budget filmmaking, short filmmaking, screenwriting for short and feature films as well as TV/web-series, pitching


Louis Paxton - Directing, Writing

Mentoring Strengths


General Script feedback and Script Editing for outlines, treatments, short & feature film scripts, TV pilot scripts and bibles.
Idea development – discussing initial ideas, crafting your logline, synopsis, one pagers, beat sheets.
Writing for TV – Crafting your pilot, story lining your series, writing TV bibles, pitch documents, treatments.
Character development.


Breaking down a script/scene by scene analysis.
Working with actors.
Creating mood boards, visual aids, working with cinematographers.
Communicating with crew.
Editing your film and Post.
General feedback on edits.

Thomas Rondinella - Film & Video Production

His mentoring strengths are in all aspects of film and video production.


Julia Verdin - Story Development & Producing

Julia is known for developing great material and has hands on produced many films from inception all the way to release. Julia has an excellent overall knowledge of all aspects of filmmaking including story development, casting and packaging, budgeting, financing, on set production skills, festival strategy, and getting films sold and out into the marketplace.  She has great creative instincts and is very passionate about each film she makes.

Zack Winfield - Screen Writing, Film Development for the Market, Short Film and Feature Feedback and Financing advice

Zack has been working in the film industry for 20 years, beginning life at multiple oscar-winning production company NDF International, before leaving to set up his own production company. Zack is a specialist in film development on projects from $1m-$50m, working in particular with writers, directors and producers on scripts, sizzle reels, financing and marketing materials to get films ready for the market.
– Treatments, Synopses, Loglines.
– Screenplays – character, structure, dialogue and screenplay formatting.
– Proofs of concept / sizzle reels.
– Marketing materials
– Financing
Stephan Mallmann - Producing & Working with Sales Agents


Tutor Bio  

A graduate in European Business Administration, Stephan Mallmann has extensive experience in film production and sales, in Germany and the UK.

In 1989 he started out in a business affairs capacity at Recorded Releasing, a London based distribution and sales company for high quality arthouse films (Wings of DesireWithnail & I etc.).

Stephan subsequently served as Financial Controller at Constantin Film in Munich, one of Europe’s leading film production, distribution and exhibition companies.

In January 1994 he joined Recorded Picture Company in London (The Last Emperor, Sexy Beast, among numerous others), and by 1996 had become a director of the company.

In 1998 he worked on the launch of RPC’s sister company, the sales agency Hanway Films (Carol, Brooklyn and hundreds more), of which he is a founding shareholder.

In 2001 he was appointed COO of both RPC and Hanway.

During his almost 20 year tenure, he handled the financial structuring of many of RPC’s and HanWay’s projects, including David Mackenzie’s Young Adam, David Cronenberg’s A Dangerous Method, Wim Wenders’ Pina or Roenning & Sandberg’s Kon-Tiki (the latter two films were Oscar-nominated).

In 2012 he stepped down from his day-to-day roles in RPC/Hanway, and moved back to Germany, as an independent consultant. He remains a shareholder in Hanway, as well as a non-executive director, and retains close links to the group.

His most recent credits as an independent producer are on Wim Wenders’ Submergence, Marcus Rosenmüller’s Trautmann and Rupert Everett’s The Happy Prince.

Full credit list on http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1040781/


– Developing a screenplay as a producer
– Working with sales agents
– Legals and financing 
Tony Lee - Graphic Novels, Screenwriting & Audio Dramas
A #1 New York Times Bestseller and Eagle Award winning graphic novelist and screenwriter, with licenses under his belt including Doctor Who, Star Trek, Superboy, 2000AD, Spider-Man, X-Men, Battlestar Galactica, Shrek, Wallace and Gromit, Megadeth and Ozzy Osbourne, Tony also works in television, film and audio where he has written for BBC One and Amazon UK / Audible among others, working with both US and UK producers and studios as a go-to ’script doctor’.
With thirty three years experience as a professional writer, Tony has created stories in pretty much every medium to date.
In 2010 he became a #1 New York Times Bestseller for his adaptation of Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. In 2014 his Doctor Who / Star Trek Graphic Novel ‘Assimilation Squared’ reached #2.
Tony teaches Graphic Novel writing classes at Raindance.
Mentor Strength:
Script development from idea to final draft for short films, feature films and both TV and audio dramas
Script development from idea to final draft for comics and graphic novel
Pitching advice and assistance for film / TV / comics / audio
Working with artists
Lettering your own comics
Character Development