'Master Shots' 'Suspense' & 'Story' E-Book Reviews - Raindance

Master Shots: Suspense

Most books that explain anything film related are written in a textbook style that explains everything in extensive detail. Master Shots: Suspense is not a typical book; instead it is more like an online tutorial. It is short and to the point.

This e-book is more than just words on a page; it requires interaction. All of the images are not displayed on the page, and you need the images to fully understand the text, because of this you must scroll through to see each of the images. I see this as a bonus. Reading can become dry no matter how interesting the topic and being forced to scroll through the photos helped me stay focused on the reading.

The videos show whatever shot that was being discussed in action. I found that I had to watch the clip a few times just to be able to focus enough to see what the video was trying to demonstrate.

I was able to get through this reading, as it was both easy and quick. Would I recommend this book to anyone, I would say yes if you already have an idea of what suspense is and just need ideas to help you achieve that effect.

Master Shots: Story

Master Shots: Story is a guidebook that explains how to create drama through cinematography. This style of writing is different from the “online tutorial” writing style that Kenworthy used in Master Shots: Suspense. It is still easy to understand and useful for aspiring filmmakers.

The e-book includes helpful videos demonstrating the shot discussed in the section.

I would recommend this book to anyone aspiring to become a filmmaker. It gets straight to the point but still has enough information, to help the reader understand why these shots work.