Raindance is making a movie!

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Yes, we’re putting our money where our mouth is – all these indie-tips helping you make movies, we thought it was high time to doone ourselves.

We’ve put together a great team. Elliot is producing, along with Elisar Cabrera, a man who has been involved with Raindance from the earliest days. We’ve got on board cult film director Ate de Jong (Drop Dead Fred) and our cinematography teacher (and mean DoP, of course) Zoran Veljkovic. And it all came about because of a script from first-time screenwriter Mark Rogers that blew Elliot away.

The most important member of our team however is going to be YOU.

Yes, we’re crowdfunding this film, and we need your help – with money if you can spare it of course – but also by spreading the word. If you tell just a handful of your friends and they come on board and tell a handful of theirs, well, this thing can really get going.

Head over to our indiegogo page, check out the perks and become part of the team. We’re certain that when this film is finished and you’ve been a crucial part of getting it made, that warm glow of pride you feel is going to be a priceless.

Please – give what you can to the film, and then tell everyone you know about the coolest indie project being made by the coolest festival in the world.



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