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Raindance Membership puts you INSIDE the film industry and connects you to Raindance resources worldwide. MEMBERSHIP builds community, become connected with people who have the skills, trades, and resources you need through our continuously growing network.

Not living in LA? No problem. The benefits and discounts of membership apply worldwide.



10 Reasons You Should Join Raindance…

 #1. We Host Monthly Mixers

Get free access to our monthly mixers to connect with the film industry. Our mixers bring together filmmakers, film enthusiasts, and film industry leaders. Check out some of our industry guests.

 #2. We Host Members-Only Events

Get free access to special members-only events such as panels, masterclasses, roundtables, and tea parties. Some of these events are:

  • Actors: Prepping For The Pilot Season
  • The Hollywood Roundtable
  • The Rough Rough Diamond Easter Tea Party
  • The Camera House Presents: Cinematography Masterclass
  • The Camera House Presents: Directing Essentials
  • Branding Yourself In The Entertainment Industry
  • Building Audience on Social Media
  • Doing Business at the AFM and Selling Your Film
  • The Rough Diamond Holiday Party

 #3. We Have A Pool Of Industry Discounts

Take advantage of discounts on everything from equipment hire, DCP creation, visa advise, actor headshot packages, and web hosting services.

Final Draft, IMDb Pro, The Camera House, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety and LookWho Web Design Services and many more.

 #4. We Promote Your Projects

Tell us what you’re doing. We support you by promoting your film openings and crowdfunding campaigns. Raindance has a total outreach of 200k+ via email and social media.

#5. We Are Well Connected

The team behind Raindance LA is producer Julia Verdin and Rough Diamond Productions, one of the leading independent film production companies in Los Angeles. Need to get referrals? Looking for the right entertainment attorney? Want to hire a line producer at a reasonable price? We are in a fortunate position to share our connections and knowledge of 25 years with our you.

#6. We Have Innovative Film Training – 15-25% OFF

Raindance Film Courses have inspired a whole generation of filmmakers including Christopher Nolan and Guy Ritchie. In the last 12 months, over 3,000 filmmakers – writers, directors, producers, actors, agents, film and media students – attended our courses. Our courses are available in person, live online or on video-on-demand. Raindance Members get 15-25% off.

#7. We Have Free Online Videos And Resources

Read over 1,000 produced film and television scripts, watch a detailed two hours on sound recording, learn about PR and marketing, or watch Raindance tutor Patrick Tucker’s amazing Saturday Film School segment – over 20 hours of free online training in total. If you are making a movie download the Filmmaker’s Toolkit: sample budgets, business plans, and contracts for writers, directors, producers and actors.

#8. We Are Global

With Raindance Membership, you become a member of a global community. Raindance Members get the benefits offered by other Raindance hubs in London, New York, Toronto, Vancouver, Paris, Barcelona, Brussels, Budapest, Montreal, Windsor/Detroit and Beijing.

#9. We Have A Top Film Consultant – 25% OFF

There are lots of script coverage and notes, and production consultation services out there. We only want the very best for our members. Get your project on track and your script read by Raindance LA Consulting Producer, Julia VerdinMembers get 25% discount on consultations.

#10. We Have Europe’s Largest Independent Film Festival

It’s true: more movies and more admissions than any other independent* film festival in Europe. Founded in 1992 by Elliot Grove, Raindance hosted major UK debuts including Quentin Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction and Christopher Nolan’s Memento, created the British Independent Film Awards (BIFA), and launched Independent Film Trust, a charity that support independent filmmaking and provides bursaries and training for the disadvantaged, from children in inner city schools to refugees and the mentally ill. Want your film screened at Raindance? Members get discounts on festival tickets and a 50% discount on feature, short and web film submissions. Short films screened at Raindance are Oscar and BIFA eligible! As a Raindance Premium Member, you will also  get free or discounted access to exclusive Raindance and BIFA events. 



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* fiercely independent: We don’t take government or public funding support.