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Raindance Los Angeles is a Film / TV training and networking organization that works to promote and support independent filmmaking and filmmakers in the United States.

From new and emerging to industry pros, Raindance connects, trains, supports, and promotes visual storytellers through every step of their career.

This page contains all of the information you will need to know about our Raindance Los Angeles hub, including upcoming courses, classes and events, and how to find us.

Raindance LA courses and events are presented by Rough Diamond Productions.


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“Raindance does an indispensable job supporting independent film and provides a distinctive voice in world cinema”
Paul Greengrass

Oscar-nominated director, The Bourne Supremacy, United 93, Captain Phillips

Raindance Los Angeles


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Email: losangeles@raindance.org

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Emails from the Edge

Emails from the Edge

So you don’t need me to tell you it’s bleak out there. Friends lucky enough to be working on movies are sitting around calculating whether it’s a good or bad thing if cameras were already rolling when the big ‘Cut’ was called. Every other writer I know is simply...

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Shit Or Get Off The Pot, Filmmakers

Shit Or Get Off The Pot, Filmmakers

My mum used to hate indecision and dithering. Whether it was one of us kids playing while on the loo, or my farmer dad trying to decide which crops to plant in the spring, my mum would always say 'shit or get off the pot.' It's about commitment. Isn't it...

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Making a Short in Self-Isolation

Making a Short in Self-Isolation

Solitary Cinema On a bad day there's always creativity. Now that being cooped up and worried about the future has become the norm, it's no surprise many of us are turning to writing poetry or making short films. Compulsion: Storytelling My first publishing effort was...

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