Writers Foundation Certificate Week 2 Resources - Raindance

Writers Foundation Certificate Week 2 Resources

For the rewrite exercise, here is the script of Chinatown, and Shawshank Redemption.
You can also use the openings of Memento and Fight Club. Pick one style that you like and use it and rewrite it based on your story.

Have fun with it.

Here is the script of Fight Club. Chuck Palaniuk is one of my favourite writers. He writes non-stop. One of his short stories, just 9 pages long, causes people to faint in public readings he gives. Here is the link to Chuck Palaniuk’s Guts. Read it sitting down!

We will be talking about characters when we get together again (after the festival) on October 10th.

Here is the link to the article I wrote, called The 6 Stages Of A Relationship The formatting is a bit strange, but I think you can read it. It is something you can use as another marker you could use in conjunction with Social Stage, and it is my observations of another pattern.

By the way, in case you want, here’s a really good script format guide,