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Ufuk’s Online Resources for Filmmakers

Whether it’s finding that million dollar unique location, or that perfect soundtrack for your film, as a guerilla filmmaker, it is paramount to know what tools are available at your disposable. Over the years, I have come to discover a number of online resources that have in direct and indirect ways contributed to my projects and career. Here are some of those sites worth checking out:

Buying / renting equipment

Film funding

Filmmaking tutorials

Jobs & opportunities


General film news and articles

Resources for writers

Costume and prop hire

Music and sound FX

Free online photo editor

Download YouTube videos

Transferring files

Stock video

Ufuk is a London-based independent filmmaker & freelance videographer with 12 years of industry experience. He has been commissioned to produce, shoot & edit for several companies and institutions both in the UK and abroad, as well as a number of music videos. He is also a passionate filmmaker with several short and feature film credits over the past few years, ranging from scriptwriter, director, D.O.P, producer and editor. He has been actively involved in film education since 2014, having taught with institutes such as the New York Film Academy, Al Jazeera, London Film School, Istanbul Media Academy and currently at the Raindance Higher Education courses.