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3 Simple (But True) Facts:

  1. Raising finance is easy for a producer while finding a good script isn’t.
  2. Producers use people like me to sort the few good scripts from the many bad ones.
  3. Even minor flaws that are otherwise easily missed are enough to get a script rejected.

Want to avoid the silly mistakes that ruin your chances? Want to write one of the much sought after “good scripts”? To do that you need to write an interesting, non-formulaic script that has engaging characters. You also need to walk a fine line between writing something that feels fresh, and writing something that is too different to be marketable.

To achieve that balance, script services that provide top quality feedback can be an essential benefit. Welcome. You’re in the right place.


Script Feedback Services

While other script service options are available the following are the most popular services offered. Email for details of other services.


.Graded Feedback
  • This is the template I use for producers worldwide.
  • Brief and effective comments on what works/doesn’t.
  • Includes narrative paragraph and graded checklist for key areas.



Compact Report
  • Complete project feedback.
  • Feedback covers essential elements of storytelling under 3 separate headings: Creative, Technical and Craft.
  • Includes storyline overview and conclusion in addition to guidance on potential improvements.
  • Clients can submit ONE FOLLOW UP EMAIL for queries following receipt of report.


NB: Premium Member discount requires proof of membership.


Turnaround Time, Submission + Payment

  • Standard turnaround is 14 days.
  • Files must be provided in PDF format, written in English and make reasonable efforts to follow industry standard formatting.
  • Payment must be made upfront, via PayPal. An account is not required for this service.
    • Go to the site,
    • Enter the Genre Tales email address and amount,
    • Follow on screen instructions.
  • You will be notified of receipt of both script and payment.


About Previous Clients

  • Previous clients have gone on to place in and win major competitions worldwide.
  • Their projects have been picked up for production by Oscar-winning producers.
  • They’ve worked on such films as: