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 Script Reading Service


“If you have someone on set for the hair, why would you not have someone for the words?”

Louis Malle

Do a “premortem” on your scripts before sending them to producers so that you can avoid the need for a “postmortem” of what went wrong in case of a rejection.

A good script reading service will inform you as a screenwriter and filmmaker about the artistic as well as commercial viability of your script.

Script reports can determine if your script for a feature film/short film/TV episode is ready to be sent to producers and production companies, or you still need to work on how to convey your vision for a visual concept in a written form.

Facts about scripts and producers:

  • Due to the sheer number of scripts which professional producers receive in this digital era, most of them hardly ever read any scripts unless those scripts go through some sort of filters and their potentials revealed.

  • These producers/production companies hire Script Readers of their own to sort few scripts with potentials from the rest of the batch.

  • More often than not, these hired Script Readers work in line with specific templates that instruct them to reject scripts with even smallest of flaws which could be easily missed by screenwriters.

Myths about scripts and producers:

All you have to do after writing your script is to send it out to as many producers as possible until one copy is picked up by a likeminded producer. That is the analog era mindset. As coproduction is becoming more and more popular among producers, it is becoming more relevant for even small, independent production companies to obtain information about rejected scripts from other producers before commissioning another coverage themselves on scripts written by novice writers.

  • Instead of demonstrating your abilities as a visual writer, you can impress producers by showing off your vocabulary range and writing style, which more often than not are suitable for novels or short stories, forgetting that a script is the account of things that are going to be seen and heard on the screen only. Trying to outsmart producers through measures like this does not usually go down well.

  • Most producers do not have the knowledge and/or don’t care about proper application of screenwriting conventions and accepted industry standard formatting, so you can get away with ignoring them just like your favourite (not to mention well-known and established) screenwriter does. This would be like going to your first job interview without being concerned about the dress code or your bad hair day.

    Our Script Report Department

    “…But the love of a good story, of terrific characters and a world driven by your passion, courage, and creative gifts is still not enough. Your goal must be a good story well told.”

    Robert McKee

    Want to avoid minor mistakes and silly errors that could ruin chances of your script?

    Want to write one of the much sought after “good scripts”?

    To do that you need to write an interesting, non-formulaic script that has an engaging plot and fascinating characters. You also need to walk a fine line between writing something that feels fresh, and writing something that is too different to be marketable.

    No matter where in the world you’re located, our script reading team can assist you to achieve that balance by providing top quality feedback on your scripts which can be an essential benefit to your projects.

    What We Offer

    While other script service options are available, the following are the most popular services offered.

    Email or for details in case you are looking for other/custom-made services.

    Graded Feedback (usually for the eyes of producers only)
    General template used for producers worldwide.

  • Brief and effective comments on what works/doesn’t.

  • Includes narrative synopsis paragraph and graded checklist for key areas.

  • Can follow specific templates to cover certain issues for special requirements, including SWOT analysis.

Compact Report (usually for screenwriters)

Complete project feedback


  • Coverage on essential elements of the script, such as characters, dialogue, plot/storyline, premise, etc.

  • Includes overview on the Craft as well as Creative and Technical aspects of the scripts.

  • Unlike reports sent to producers – which rarely discuss how an average script could be salvaged – these reports contain guidance on possible improvements as well as hints about points and weaknesses which might be picked up by potential producers.

  • Clients can submit follow up emails for queries they may have on points in these reports and/or issues of their scripts following receipt of their reports.

Turnaround Time (After Submission + Payment)

 Standard turnaround is between 7 and 10 working days. During busy periods (e.g. approaching film festivals); up to 14 working days.

Files must be provided in PDF format to written in English and make reasonable efforts to follow industry standard formatting. 

NB: 10% Discount for Premium Members worldwide!

The feedback I received on my script was detailed, thoughtful and constructive. I felt that the notes were supportive and practical and I felt confident knowing how to move the script into a higher gear. I never felt discouraged or belittled and would highly recommend Shahryar to anyone who is looking for clear, helpful and honest feedback from an industry perspective.