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Raindance Gallery of Rejection

Gallery of Rejection

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Welcome to the Gallery of Rejection!

Here is what the Gallery of Rejection means for screenwriters. There’s no surer way to measure your work rate than by looking at your rejection letters. Not receiving a single rejection letter could mean one of two things: Either you haven’t been marketing your scripts, or you haven’t been writing. Or both!

Here’s the special Raindance deal for you! Reject rejection!

Send me a copy of the email or hard copy rejection letter and I will instantly send you a Letter of Acceptance to the Raindance Gallery of Rejection!

Go on! Show everyone here at Raindance that you are writing and marketing your scripts!

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Elliot Grove
Elliot Grove
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08.09.18 SFSHorts Letter of Rejection – John Denton
25.05.18 Wildseed Studios Letter of Rejection accepted from – David Jenkins
22.05.18 Nosy Cow Letter of Rejection accepted from – Andrea Hardaker
08.05.18 David Higham Associates  Letter of Rejection accepted from Geoff Pridmore
02.05.18 Dancing Ledge & Red Production Company  Letter of Rejection accepted Christopher Kerr
30.04.18 Red Planet (ITV) Letter of Rejection accepted from Simon Craven
30.04.18 Sundance Institute: Letter of Rejection  accepted from Tim Lorge
25.04.18 BBC Writer’s Room: Letter of Rejection accepted from Simon Craven


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