Our Fabulous Interns

Interns 2017

Name: Christina Craig
Home City: San Francisco, California
Home School: Boston University
Studying: Film & Television
Ambition when I graduate: To be employed
When was I at Raindance: October – December 2017
What I did: Social media, wrote a couple blog posts, watched a lot of Russian films. One time I made an “Out of Order” sign for the toilets.
Worst moment: When the toilets were out of order
Best moment: Any time Martyna’s dog Ziggy was in the office
Name: Frank Muñoz
Home City:
 Hong Kong/ Monterrey, México
Home School: Boston University
Studying: Film and Television
Ambition when I graduate: Find a paying job in the filmmaking world (wishful thinking)
When was I at Raindance: October – December 2017
What I did: Worked on Social Media, wrote a few blog posts, assisted with Raindance courses
Worst moment: Every time the wifi would cut out
Best Moment: Getting to attend the Russian Film Week premiere night
Name: McKinleigh Lair
Home City: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Home School: Ithaca College
Studying: Documentary Filmmaking
Ambition when I graduate: I think I’ll go to law school and work in media/entertainment law for a few years to fund my future filmmaking endeavors. But the end goal is to produce and edit indie docs.
When was I at Raindance: August – December 2017
What I did: Festival planning and management, video editing, filmmaker hospitality, film student communication, wrote a blog post or two.
Worst moment: Broken-toilet days
Best Moment: Spending time with creative people from all over the world
My social media: Follow me on Instagram!


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