Fast Track filmmakers can choose courses for any of the Raindance open classes. Each Raindance class is given a number of points. Fast Track students can choose classes up to 200 points.


When you have made your selection email Courses can be substituted on 14 days notice in order to fit into your schedule.


Remember you have a place on the Script and Project Development Group which runs each Monday night under the direction of a Raindance tutor.




Filmmaker’s Foundation Certificate 40
Director’s Foundation Certificate 40
Hands On Directing Part One 40
Hands On Directing Part Two 40
Let Me Direct! 50 plus £100 fee
Directing Actors 40
The Short Film Project 50 plus £100 fee
Breaking Into The Film Industry 10



Filmmaker’s Foundation Certificate 40
Writer’s Foundation Certificate 40
Screenwriting from a Feminine Perspective 50 plus £100 fee
Write And Sell The Hot Script 40
Story Design For Short Fiction Film 15
Comedy Intensive 50 plus £100 fee
Breaking Into The Film Industry 10
Pitching Skills Workshop 10



Filmmaker’s Foundation Certificate 40
Producer’s Foundation Certificate 40
Lo-To-No Budget Filmmaking 40
Breaking Into The Film Industry 10
Saturday Film School 20



Documentary Foundation certificate 40
Technical Foundation Certificate 40
Hands on Virtual Reality Workshop 50 plus £100 fee
Basic Cinematography 50 plus £100 fee
Power Of Lighting 10
Power Of DSLR 10
Power Of Sound 10
Power Of Editing 10
Power Of SFX 10
Evening Guest Lectures 20