London Book Fair Top Tips for Writers LBF2018 By Raindance

As writers we’re inundated with blogs and advice on how to write, market and sell ourselves. In addition to attending regular Raindance courses for practical tips I decided to hit the London Book Fair this week to see what was on offer.

My debut visit has made me bookmark London Book Fair –  #LBF19 already. And I’m following London Book Fair on Twitter

London Book Fair has introduced an Author HQ section. All of the sessions I attended were seriously high quality! I’ve highlighted top tips from three of my favourite sessions, below.

1. Hunting down an agent:

• Research and know what agents specialise in before you approach them
• Address your letter to an agent by name
• Agents accept a project summary
• Just like job apps – it’s all in the cover letter / email
• Get your pitch down to a few sentences and get straight to it
• Really sell your ideas – work on getting buy-in
• TV and film rights are just as important – it’s not all about books!

2.Self publishing tips from the IngramSpark panel: 

• Call yourself the writer you are – you are not your day job!
• Keep control of your work by self publishing
• Ask for help – Ingram have a great helpline
• Put your business savvy hat on
• Don’t be a one book wonder – crystal ball gaze and think 3-5 books
• Sell yourself everywhere – give business cards or fliers out on planes, trains, at the supermarket.          As one participant said he doesn’t leave the house without a copy of his book!
• Identify who your audience is – even if it’s only one person

3.How I write by David Baldacci at London Book Fair:

David Baldacci is an American author in the vein of John Grisham. He’s sold over six million books! It was fascinating to hear how he writes.

• Plan or not to plan – he doesn’t tend to but his mate John Grisham does
• A Raindance Writers Foundation Special – use newspaper articles to give your characters challenges
• Force your characters into corners and write your way out
• Treat everything you write as if it was ‘your first’
• Do a lot of research and leave most of it out
• Say in 10 words what it’s easier to say in 100 words
• Have fun!

If it’s film scripts you write there’s a lot of read across from the above advice. And, don’t be fooled – London Book Fair isn’t only about books – rumour has it Netflix and Amazon were there scouting for the next TV series and movies..

There’s a 24 hour download of self publishing advice from the festival available on Saturday 14 April only. If these tips have whet your appetite get online tomorrow and check it out >HERE<:

Best of luck with your writing and thanks Raindance for letting me blog squat. It was a lotta fun!

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A lawyer by day and a writer of fiction and non-fiction by night, Jennie is currently working on a number of writing projects.

Jennie has a special interest in new genres which are weaving mindful and self-care messages through fictional stories. Jennie’s current passion project is the Diamond Playground, a tale of our times. On the non-fiction side, Jennie blogs on mindfulness and self-care, using Twitter to spread the word.

Jennie also writes in the female crime noir genre with another author. They are currently editing their debut collaborative novel.

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