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Learning about film can take a lot of time. Especially if you want to learn both the practical filmmaking aspects of the craft – e.g. directing, acting, writing – and the business – marketing, distributing, etc…

Have no fear, the Raindance Film Festival is here. Over the 12 days of the Festival we’re running a plethora of panels, workshops, talks and events which span the entire film world – from writing your masterpiece to making the deal with Festivals and distributors.

So, join us at Raindance and learn about the entire world of filmmaking in 12 days – then go make your film and, just perhaps, we’ll be seeing it on the big screen next year!

1)   The Market For… Panel Series – 26th & 27th September, 1st October

Look before you jump. Explore the marketplace before writing your script!

Covering Documentaries, Horror films and LGBT movies, this series is all about finding your niche in your chosen genre. Discover what the market is missing, who the audience is and how to create a successful project in your area.

2)   Bill Martell Screenwriting Classes – 26th September – 4th October

Write a stonking good script with the help of a screenwriting expert!

Bill Martell is a Hollywood screenwriter, script doctor and writing teacher with years of experience and over 20 films committed to celluloid. His classes always sell out, and his knowledge of the craft is incomparable. A good script is the absolute foundation of all good movies.

3)   Movie Money Panels – 1st October

Got the script? Now you need the dollar.

Discover what finance system best fits your film through these three panels, focussed around International Co-Productions, Film Funds and Crowd Funding. Learn how to best use these systems to raise the right budget for your film – and even what that budget may be!

4)   Casting Secrets – 26th September

Script sorted. Money sorted. Now for the Stars.

Join our panel with some of the top agents and casting directors in the UK to discuss how to cast your film. Which actors fit which characters? Is it better to have a ‘name’? How should you conduct casting sessions? These questionas and more will be answered in this very special panel.

5)   Building a Believable World – 5th October

Now for time on set. Wait, where’s the set?

Join Jimi Hamer of Corsair Creations for a masterclass in creating and building realistic sets for any scenario on a limited budget. Your set is like another character, and it’s got to look as good as your actors.

6)   Directing Masterclass with Ate De Jong – 30th September

The director is captain of the ship. Don’t make yours the Titanic.

Ate De Jong is the cult Dutch director behind childhood classic ‘Drop Dead Fred’, as well as Raindance’s 2013 film ‘Love.Honour.Obey’. Don’t miss this masterclass with a directing guru, and find out how to talk the best out of your cast, crew and investors.

7)   The Basics of Prosthetic Make Up – 28th September

Give your film some ‘Wow’ factor.

If you’re shooting a horror, you need this class. From blood to severed bits, nothing adds that gruesomeness factor quite like a bit of prosthetic art. Tutor Dan Martin worked on Sightseers, A Field in England and Wolfman – watch him reveal some of film’s well-kept secrets.

8)   In Conversation with Emma E. Hickox – 3rd October

Once you’re done shooting, you’ll need a good editor. Emma E. Hickox is the best.

Emma’s work includes Rock of Ages, Blue Crush and Kinky Boots to name but a few. Hear her discuss the role the editor plays from pre-production all the way to the release of the film, how they manage material to best serve the director’s vision and the politics involved in such a delicate process.

9)   Creating a Film Festival Strategy – 27th September

Your film is finished! What to do?

Festivals face the problem of whittling down thousands of films to a select handful. You face the problem of having to make your film the darling of a successful festival. Learn how these problems are solved from a panel of top producers, as well as the founder of Raindance Film Festival Elliot Grove.

10)    Distribution Panels – 2nd October

Reach the holy grail for all films: get it picked up by a distributor.

The 3 panels are ‘Releasing in a New World’, all about VOD and online distribution, ‘The International Market for Indie Film’, about selling your films abroad, and ‘The UK Marketplace for Film’, about one of the strongest film markets in the world, the British market.

Come to these events, absorb the knowledge and wisdom of our top-ranking panellists, get inspired and go make your own film. We know you can do it!



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