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LA Membership Perks

We all need resources to make our films. We need camera equipment to shoot, need IMDb Pro to research the right contacts, get training to

Raindance’s industry partners are here to support you.

Film Training and Raindance Film Festival Discounts

  • Raindance courses, up to 25% off
  • Global Raindance courses, up to 25% off
  • Raindance Film Festival, 50% off submission fee for 26th Raindance Film Festival Submissions

FREE Events

  • Free access to Raindance Industry Mixer brought to you by Rough Diamond Productions every month
  • Free access to Members-Only Events with select industry guests of our host, Julia Verdin
    • Acting in Hollywood
    • Directing Essentials
    • Easter Tea Party
    • Hollywood Round Table
    • Cinematography Panel and Networking Event
    • Holidays Party

Film Consulting

FREE Online Resources

  • Select Video Courses
  • Screenplay Library
  • Filmmaker Toolkits
  • Soundcheque, 30% off

Writers Software

  • Final Draft 9, 30% off (Only $169, save $80) & 20% off Final Draft 9 Upgrade!

Marketing and Research

  • IMDb Pro Subscription, 15% off
  • LookWhoo Web Design services, 10% off
  • Free promotion of Raindance Members’ film screenings and openings, crowdfunding campaigns or other film-related help requests on Raindance’s social media accounts and weekly newsletters

Magazine Subscriptions


Actor Services

Travel and Access

  • D’Allesio Law Group Visa/Immigration Services for Individuals Seeking O1 Visas as well as Other Types of Visas and U.S. Green Cards, Free Initial Consultation + 15% off


All discounts Raindance hubs in  London, Toronto, Vancouver, Berlin, Paris, Detroit, New York, Brussels, Budapest and Beijing has to offer.