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Patrick Ladonis is a producer, writer, and actor who has been creating and holding space within the film industry since 1996. He is a multi-hyphenate triple threat in the industry. He was cast in the film “A Time to Kill”, alongside Sandra Bullock, Samuel L.Jackson, and Matthew McConaughey. Patrick has continued on his path in the industry and has received several accolades for his work.

In 2017, Patrick decided to create a digital series loosely based on some of his relationships as well as some of his college buddies to create the dramedy, SCALES. Patrick plays the main character, Remy Howard. The SCALES series follows Remy Howard, a guy who’s drawn to complicated people and relationships. Set in Atlanta, SCALES focuses on the challenges of finding and keeping love even when it’s not good for them.

The recent lockdown caused by Covid-19 hasn’t stopped Patrick, and I got to speak to him about how he’s kept moving forward with his career.

Hi Patrick, thanks for your time! First up, how did you first get into the film industry?

My first introduction into the film industry happened in 1995, when the late Joel Schumacher spotted me in the DMV line and asked if I wanted to be in a movie. The movie was A Time To Kill starring Sandra Bullock, Matthew McConaughey and Samuel L. Jackson. The experience exposed me to the very best filmmaking 101.

Your web series Scales was a huge success for you, can you tell me a bit about how the project came together?

It took a misfortune of events to inspire me to return to creating. In August 2017, while in Barcelona on vacation, there was a terrorist attack that occurred. It was a frightening experience and my best friend mentioned that I needed to jump back into the creative things that I loved. While in my hotel room that night, I began to pen the pilot, and SCALES was born.

Times are uncertain for the film industry at the moment, but that hasn’t stopped you, how have you adapted to ‘the new normal’?

As a creative and a visual storyteller, I look at this pandemic as a Global recess. It’s almost like a sci-fi movie, with an unknown ending. I use the extra time inside to write more stories and think about how I want truly pivot from this experience. Creatives are like the Phoenix, we emerge from events with tons of new ideas and content. I’m planning to have my catalog of new stories ready to shoot.

Actor/Producer/Creator Patrick Ladonis

What’s your top advice for filmmakers trying to create during the pandemic?

Be authentic in finding your voice and take time to practice self-care. Understand that this is only a chapter in life’s book, and know that when you turn the next page, you’ll elevate in ways more creatively than you could have imagined.

How important is it for you to see an industry that celebrates voices of different backgrounds?

It’s very important. SCALES represents the beauty of inclusion as well as representation for communities of people that are sometimes marginalized. We have to celebrate our culture and the beauty of love and genuine relationships and that’s why it’s so important for those voices to be seen in our art, cinema, and stories.

What would suggest those already established in the industry can do to create a more inclusive world of media?

For the established ones, I’d encourage them to check out more of the Indie creatives by watching web series, encourage studios to invest in the indies that may not be viral but have amazing stories for the world to see. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime are streaming with the major stars, but if they were to highlight smaller projects with unknowns, the opportunities that would create would be limitless. I’m available and ready!
You can watch the first two seasons of Scales over on their youtube channel or follow Patrick Ladonis on social media.


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