Why Indie filmmakers Are Missing Out On Social Media | Raindance

As an independent filmmaker  you have the kind of social media assets that most social media marketers dream about (at least I do) – you have high res photography, large quantity of movie stills, professional level videos, behind the scenes photos, and original scripts.

That is social media GOLD.

Yet, judging from, the lack of smart, strategic and effective social media campaigns for independent films, these production assets are (in most cases) never actually utilised.

Most independent filmmakers are missing out on marketing their films on social media whilst actually having the visual content and resources needed – more so than other brands out there. Aside from recently launching Social Cult, I run a niche digital & social media strategy agency and I can only wish that our clients’ photos and videos that are provided to us were of the same caliber that independent filmmakers have at their disposal.

So, how do you go about taking advantage of this?

  • Firstly, assess your primary objectives for utilising social media – are you in pre-production and looking for financing? Are you in post-production and looking at film festival submissions? Or are you looking at how to drive foot traffic into the theatres ahead of the release of your film?
  • Secondly, define your film’s target audience – this will influence your content strategy in terms of social media channels to use, the type of content to post, and the style and tone of writing.
  • Thirdly, make sure to focus on content strategy segmentation based on the different social media channels you will be using – different visuals for each specific platform (this will involve you actually jotting down a specific content strategy for each channel)
  • Finally, launch, implement, analyse and modify – no point running creative social media campaigns if you are not analysing their reach and success. Whilst there are plenty of really great paid tools out there, free platform specific tools are just as great – look at Facebook Insights, Twitter Analytics, and Iconosquare for Instagram stats.

The key here is to focus on the strengths of your visual assets and to use these for maximum impact to achieve your objectives.

Otherwise, just look at using Social Cult’s services – my recently launched indie film marketing startup offers smart, customisable social media solutions for indie filmmakers with limited budgets and resources.