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Camera! Lights! Act- Hold on a second, I don’t own any camera equipment…yet. 

So, you want to get into filmmaking? Lovely. But you have a limited supply of gold right? I can certainly identify with that. This beautiful square-shaped planet that we call Earth is overrun with creatives suffering from the same financial problem.

An early humanoid named ‘Daniel’ contemplating rocks.

If you’re reading this – it means you’re part of the chosen master-species, humanity. As living-lifeforms we have developed and evolved from our shared Neanderthal heritage into powerful planet-consuming homo-sapiens. The internet tells me that the emergence of modern humans happened about 200,000 years ago. That’s a long bloody time, and a lot has changed, but I maintain the claim that we still have something(s) in common with our earliest of forms. In particular: our use of technology.

We have ALWAYS used technology to push the boundaries of necessity and creativity – often hand-in-hand. Whether it’s been wood for fire, straw for shelter or tungsten lights to flare up the subject of an interview. We’ve. Always. Done. It.

And this is exactly why it’s so important, as an independent filmmaker, to know how, when and why you need to acquire a piece of equipment. By educating yourself – you put yourself in a position in which you have the general know-how to circumvent problems caused via financial or technological restrictions.

A lot of the time nerdy film-journalism will throw up headlines like ‘Fincher shooting Gone Girl in 6k! JESUS CHRIST’. And I won’t lie, I usually find that stuff super interesting and you probably do too. But lets remind ourselves that those guys are operating within their own creative landscape – a territory in which they’re afforded the privilege of recording in 9001k. Those guys have respectable filmographies behind them due to hard-work, perseverance and probably a bit of luck.

Ultimately; work within your restrictions. Filmmaking hardware and software is more affordable than ever. Conventional words of wisdom state ‘It’s not the camera, it’s whose behind it’, and that much IS true. But you need a camera to bloody begin with:

For £82 you can secure yourself a Tascam DR-05 Dictaphone (field recorder).
For £303 you can purchase a Nikon D3200 Digital SLR.


Essentially… for £385 you’re ready to shoot moving image paired with sound. When you consider the timeline of filmmaking – that’s bloody amazing. Head on over to our Amazon store for a bit of direction towards affordable learning resources and filmmaking gear.

Got your gear now?
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