Independent Filmmakers’ Ball Poster Competition - Raindance

Hello creatives, and welcome to the Independent Filmmakers’ Ball poster competition! 

We are on the lookout for the most eye catching, roaring 20’s design to be distributed across all of our Raindance medias!

What coverage will you receive?

Well first of all, your name will be credited while we post and promote this across all of our media. You will be invited to write an optional blog post about yourself/creation of the poster, as well as a video to be posted on our media. If you prefer a specific post or coverage, do not hesitate to let us know and we will see what we can do! 🙂

Now you may be asking, what are the incredible perks I will receive if I happen to win this competition? 

What you’ll win

How to Take Part:

The poster theme:

Theme: Roaring 20’s

Music: Electro Swing

Feel: Gangster/Gatsby-Esque 

So, what is the criteria of this ball poster, you may be asking. Think Peaky Blinders. We are going for the gritty, 1920’s underground gangster aesthetic in this years Independent Filmmakers Ball poster!

We are looking for tattoos, flat caps, flappers, cigars, bow ties, smoke, dust, horse carriages, ect. 

Here is a reference:


First: Create a poster fulfilling all requirements:

  • Must be usable in both landscape and portrait
  • Feature this text in any order: “Save The Date! April 29th, fundraising gala, Cafe De Paris,18+ event, 7:30pm”
  • Must be an editable, layered file, or you are willing to resize/edit to fit our media.
  • Must be submitted no later than March 8th, 2020.

Second: Send your finished poster to with your full name and contact information. This can be jpg. or Pdf.

If you tag us on media “Hey @raindancefilmfestival, here’s my #IndieFilmBallPoster” for features and shout outs!

Submissions close at midnight, Sunday, 8th March, 2020


  • you can include a film-related element in the design
  • including people’s faces in the design can increase people’s engagement to the campaign

Need inspiration? Here are the postcards from the last 2 years!



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