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Entertainment industry professionals visit IMDbPro every day to research, get the latest industry trends, and advance their careers. We hear from casting directors that IMDbPro is always open in their browser, so they can instantly look up talent that might fit a role. Because of this, agents and managers regularly update their clients’ contact information to ensure they are reachable the moment someone is interested. Talent and crew, who may or may not have representation, also spend time either making themselves reachable or searching for someone who can land them their next gig.

The one thing that unites all these daily user behaviors is contact information. Finding out how to reach someone is one of the most common use cases for our members and what brings them back each day. For that reason, it is fundamental that you keep your contact information on IMDbPro up to date.

How to update your contact information

To start managing your career on IMDbPro, claim your Name Page. This step allows you to use all the page-specific features such as updating Known For titles, adding images, and letting our Data Editors know the information you provide on this page about yourself is trustworthy and up to date…including your contact information! After you claim your page, you can select “Edit this page” to update your main contact details or attach representatives. If you add a representative, the information for their company will be listed as the contact. If your representative runs a boutique operation, they may need to create a company page if one doesn’t exist. The contact information on their company page will be the details listed on your IMDbPro page.

That’s it! Having up-to-date contact information will help you network and stay connected to the industry. But if you do need further help, feel free to check out our handy IMDb help guides that offer step-by-step instructions here:

Editing Contact Data

Adding a New Company 

Updates are automatically tracked

Another great part about claiming your page is that updates to your page are automatically tracked. That means if someone updates information, you’ll be sent a notification. It’s a great way to stay on top of your page and make sure it always stays current and correct.

Don’t forget your IMDbPro Discount

If you’re not yet a member of IMDbPro, don’t forget that you can start with a 30-day free trial. Members of Raindance receive a discount of 15%. To lock in these savings for 2020, contact your administrator for instructions on how to apply the discount. This benefit can be applied to an annual or monthly membership.

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