How To Make Your Video Go Viral - Raindance

We’ve all seen the eHarmony crazy cat lady right? A few of you may be distraught to find out that the lady in the video is actually a comedian who goes by the name ‘Cara Hartmann’.

Cara created the video one night after watching puppy videos, teen mom and eating a lot of pizza. Prior to making the video, she had a thought… “I want to hug every cat but I can’t because that’s crazy, I can’t hug EVERY cat” the thought then led to this! The aim was to post the video on her sister’s Facebook wall for a laugh, as she occasionally did. However, due to Facebook being down that night, Cara uploaded her video via YouTube. Little did she know, she would wake up in the morning to 100 views, and the next day to even more, until it hit 100,000 views every day for a week. The power of the Internet!

So, for all of you who want to make your video go viral, here are some tips…

Come up with a catchy idea:

Make sure you’re up to date with the latest news and trending topics; this will increase the chances of your video being viewed and shared. Embody a particular emotion, make it inspiring, and people will feel obligated to share!

Make it short and sweet!

The start of your video has to pull viewers in. Let’s face it; we’re all very quick to close a tab if we feel we haven’t opened anything interesting, those first 10 seconds are vital. As well as this, make sure you have a short yet catchy title that states exactly what your video is.

Share your video:

Share with friends and family, get them to share it, get their friends to share it, and so on. Submit it to social websites such as Reddit; these websites have millions of clicks every day with people looking for something interesting, it just takes one of those to pick it up and share it. Also, share with anyone who has anything to do with your video. Celebrity spoke about your topic in the past? Tag them. Speaking about something in particular? #hashtag it!

Release your video early on in the week:

When people are at work is the best time. The video then has the whole week ahead to gain momentum; people check news stories whilst in the office, on their lunch etc. Tuesday is probably the better day for this, you have just enough time before the weekend and you avoid the Monday rush of everyone replying to emails.

And to finalize…

Make sure it’s good quality!

So you have a good idea for a video? There’s nothing worse than having to watch a grainy video with horrible sound quality.

Maybe Cara didn’t mean for her video to go Viral, but it certainly took someone to find it and share it for that to happen. She’s definitely done two vital things right, she had emotion in her video, and a title which made people want to watch it! Look at what others have done for inspiration, if you’re stuck for ideas.