How To Answer 'What is Your Favourite Film?' - Raindance

This is a good question.

A question you will be asked often.

You should answer this question.

You should answer this question well.


It is a question you get asked all the time amongst the film-friendly public; people love to talk about film and they love to know what you’re into. That’s a given. It’s also pretty common to respond with a mumbling reply that mentions about 15 different works in an uncomfortable high-pitched squeal.

I am a big fan of spontaneous answers; you can find out a lot about what you really think if someone allows you to ramble for a while about your innermost thoughts and opinions, likes and dislikes and how much you like to eat oats for breakfasts and why the Oscars still matter.

The sad thing is most people don’t care. It is better to have a succinct and relevant answer for most things you care about. It is good practise to really hone in on why it is that you like certain things so much.


So here it is; What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? is my favourite film and below is a paragraph on why I like this film. 


A devastating portrait of a child star who has been discarded from public consciousness, Robert Aldrich’s  What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? explores the pitiful life of a psychologically brittle and publically forgotten actress. The screechy delivery of the sickly-sweet tune “I’ve written a letter to Daddy” casts an unnerving shadow over the entire film. The excessive attention she received as a child has rendered her void of self-perception. She is unable to interact with reality, instead choosing to live inside a fantasy of eternal fame; Aldrich’s film exposes the cruelty of sibling rivalry and ageing in a harsh celebrity driven society.



Now, it is your turn: what is your favourite film in 102 words or less?