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The world of marketing is constantly evolving when it comes to new ways of spreading brand awareness and reaching customers. Thanks to Facebook live and snapchat, live streaming has become an essential strategy change in social media marketing. You might have probably noticed that almost all social media platforms one by one launched Live Streaming Solutions.

Live streaming is no longer limited to entertainment, it involves daily life of normal users, social events of brands and more. People record their everyday activities, share experiences and talk about the things they love. Live streaming also helps brands to engage more audience and to raise awareness. It is the prime time for live streaming, and if you miss the deal, you could miss out on huge traffic figures and the chance to create a viral buzz.

What live streaming platform should you use?

So now you know live streaming has a potential impact on your brand growth. But, what are the different platforms to live stream content? Facebook live is the supreme and one of the most watched live streaming platforms on social media. Yes, it even surpasses YouTube when it comes to living streaming content. However, brands also use Twitter and Instagram to build an audience and to gain traction. If you are on Facebook, then at some point today you will be most likely receive notification that someone is live.

Strategy for live streaming

Brands utilise live streaming in different ways to connect with their audience in real time. From social campaigns to product launches, they broadcast important events in a way we haven’t seen before. This give viewer a chance to react to the event, giving marketers immediate response of a product or a campaign. As live streaming is more ubiquitous, the brand is inventing new ways to stream live videos. Viewers can react and share their experience, express their opinions, ask questions when an event is happening, giving marketers immediate response for a product or campaign. Many companies and brands are entering the market and some even use drones to live stream giving a whole new dimension to the future of live streaming video.

How Does Live Streaming Impact the Market?

According to the live stream, about 80% of people are more likely to watch a video than read a blog online. An average adult consumes over 2 hours on digital devices and more than 5 hours of video each day. As you can see, major social networks have been rolling out new features and products around live streaming to drive revenue and strengthen the relationship with their social media users.

Live streaming is bringing in a very important thing – accessibility. It gives an average online user a way to easily broadcast their life and to monetise the video as the number of viewers goes up. Users can watch live broadcasts anywhere, anytime. Whether on their PC or smartphones, or any mobile device, in a matter of seconds.

To create a successful live streaming strategy, you should have a unique offering like a theme or an event. You can even live stream customer reactions to new products in your store. Think of live streaming as a window that gives your customers a glimpse into your business or your own world.

Here are the primary reasons why live streaming is the future of marketing.

1. Smartphones make live streaming simple

The future of smart devices and smartphones along with the live streaming is promising hence the market is wide open for new applications. The availability of 4G and stronger internet connections let users to broadcast real time videos in high quality almost from anywhere they want. Live streaming applications are constantly making efforts to work on combining optimal performance with minimum data. All of these would enable the future of live streaming.

2. Reach a large audience

Every brand aims at reaching a larger audience on a global scale, and a decade ago this wasn’t easy. But with now with all digital advancements and tools like video streaming, it becomes easy. There was a time when email marketing was one of the most common and effective way to reach a large number of customers but times have changed, so has the technology. While email marketing is still useful to reach your customers with new products and services, it reaches only the people on your list. But with growing video marketing trends, live streaming can draw leads you haven’t targeted through other marketing methods. That is exactly why big companies are betting big on Live Streaming Solutions.

3. Offers new opportunities for advertisers

Live stream offers marketers brand new opportunities to reach a massive audience no matter what their niche is. With live streaming, it is possible to gather both demographic and geographical data and to know what users are doing at a given moment. Social media also let advertisers to better understand their audience by the help of contextual targeting. Summing up, streaming also brings in a human element to your marketing efforts. It is a more natural way to communicate with an audience which also offer you real-time feedback.


The future of live streaming video is truly bright. Live streaming is a powerful tool in your marketing arsenal because of its ability to offer real-time content that is interactive and more engaging. There is a reason why major brands like Buzz feed, Chevrolet etc. have launched live stream campaigns designed to engage their new and existing customers. Getting to know the benefits of live streaming will help you develop the right strategy to utilise it to boost your leads and convert them into your customers, followers and long-term clients.




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