How Has Technology Helped More People Engage with Film Festivals? - Raindance

To have a film win in a film festival would be the highlight of many budding filmmakers’ careers. But the coveted position of even having films screened, let alone winning awards, used to be out of the reach of many filmmakers. And then along came technology. Not only has modern technology changed the landscape of major motion pictures, it has also made it easier for people to create art and share their passion within the industry. Here’s how.

Tech for Those Submitting to Festivals

One of the biggest benefits of technology for film festivals is that many accept films from around the world. Being able to submit a film to a festival in another part of the world and then being able to communicate through telecoms services like Zoom has also opened up the submission process. It emboldens people who might not have the funds for international travel. Festivals will better be able to judge based on the quality of the film, the story, the characters, and the message rather than on those who can reach an arbitrary destination.

Tech for Those Attending Festivals

The main takeaway of the digital portion of the Cannes festival in 2020 found that attendance rose. 20% of attendees had never been before, which represents a huge boost. With film festivals, a concern is that those attending will be those with a horse in the race. But by putting masterclasses and sections of the festival online, more people will be able to see the content. Talks and classes are usually less attended than screenings. But audiences can be found online if these segments continue to be accessible digitally.

Tech’s Reputation for Invigorating Traditional Concepts

Film festivals aren’t the only evidence of the benefits that technology brings to traditional concepts. Arguably, film has followed a wide range of industries that have snatched up the opportunities for global expansion that the internet offers them. Online bingo is one such industry. The game represents the merging of the traditional game with a modern way of playing. Its popularity and therefore success can be seen through sites competing to gain customers and attract people away from rivals. As the £5 deposit bonus for new players at a variety of different bingo sites shows, by offering an incentive to play, sites are able to be competitive in a saturated market of fresh audiences.

Social media is another area in which creators have found they can use the benefits of technology to their advantage. 2019 saw several internet trends be fruitful and lead to people becoming fully-fledged working creatives. A video of a comedian being scared multiple times by their roommate throughout the year led to a TV series offer for Nick Lehmann. Brittany Tomlinson a.k.a. Kombucha Girl also was propelled into the spotlight after a meme of her reacting to a drink went viral. Creatives can harness the platform of social media to thrust themselves forwards in their careers.

Technology has dramatically changed film festivals – but mostly for the better. Not only can filmmakers from around the world submit to a wider range of festivals, but the festivals themselves are enriched with greater talent and more diverse stories. Even some of the most traditional industries and concepts are finding newfound bursts of rejuvenation from the benefits of technology.