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Many media companies in recent years have decided to switch from the traditional and legacy ERP software to cloud ERP solutions. Particularly when it comes to legacy business process automation solutions, they are already considered to be outdated in terms of fulfilling the needs of various processes in the film and media industry. 

Cloud based ERP and CRM software suites are helping film, entertainment and media companies to attain scalability of their services to the optimum level. These solutions also allow easy and agile adaptation to the fast evolving business landscape of the media and entertainment industry. 

The film and media industry in particular is known for their rich web of complexities and financial management and accounting challenges spread across several steps. Apart from tracking different location and department centric data including both and non-financial data for efficient and credible financial planning, modern cloud based ERP software like Netsuite can deliver a bounty of tools to ensure efficient automation. 

NetSuite for film production houses and media companies are likely to offer a comprehensive management platform to handle both subscribers and advertisers across channels. Netsuite offers pretty much every tool to handle all facets of business tasks and data including the strategic planning, invoicing, financial planning, order management and revenue management processes and everything in between. 

Netsuite Offers A Single Comprehensive Solution For Managing Entire Media Lifecycle 

While traditional ERP, CRM and Financial tools come as fragmented and media and film companies used to weave together and struggle with a variety of software applications for all these requirements. Thanks to Netsuite, we have a more comprehensive platform bringing together all these software solutions within just one software suite. 

Instead of managing different spreadsheets of data for different facets of their businesses, NetSuite allows smooth and streamlined data management for ERP, CRM and financial and accounting purposes in a consolidated manner. This end to end, unified solution helps film production companies to automate various tasks. 

Here are the key capabilities that made Netsuite an irreplaceable choice for the film and media industry. 

  • Carrying out sales and marketing campaigns and tracking the output right from the platform. 
  • Handling all aspects related to the sales process including orders to advertisers and media subscriptions. 
  • Keeping track of the entire life cycle of ads starting from the fulfillment and verification to the customized billing.
  • Managing the subscriptions renewals automatically with proactive steps taken in time to ensure smooth revenue generation.  
  • Allowing integration with other ad solutions and different servers for verification. 

Comprehensive Solution To Manage Both Advertisers And Subscribers 

Any media and entertainment business including the film production houses need to handle both types of customer types, respectively advertisers and subscribers. They need to deal with the respective financial data and accounting processes of both customer types. This is where the comprehensive Netsuite accounting suite comes to rescue. 

Having NetSuite on their side, media houses and film companies can easily have a comprehensive and detailed picture of the advertiser’s real time sales status and can track the orders and corresponding revenue generation. The solution helps you to keep the ad customers and the agencies within a clear command. 

On the other hand, NetSuite provides film and media companies robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools to keep all the subscriber information right at your fingertip. The integrated CRM suite helps companies to grab the real-time customer details through a single interface. Inbuilt renewal management and revenue tracking tools help you to automatically renew subscriptions and track the revenue generation on a day to day basis. 

Here we briefly explain some of the out of the box Netsuite tools for order and campaign management. 

  • NetSuite software suite makes managing orders for advertisers extremely easier by automatic scheduling of ad publication and running ads as per the decided frequency. Moreover, there is NetSuite workflow to streamline the business conversion data for integrated revenue tracking. There is also an automatic invoicing feature for every completed advertising campaign. 
  • NetSuite also offers a very well articulated dashboard displaying the status of the insertion orders for ads that clearly keeps the forecasted and booked orders separated for easy identification. The detailed campaign status accessible through dashboard helps monitoring ad impressions, conversion and every aspect. 
  • For a media business that needs to deal with too many ad campaigns, the  Netsuite integrated and automated campaign ID management really comes as a handy and useful tool. Every ad can easily be tracked by automatically identifying the unique campaign ID for every single ad. This easily helps monitoring impressions for multiple campaigns through an automated process. 
  • The integrated billing suite of Netsuite allows media companies to bill advertisers as per the impressions following the standard industry protocols such as cost per thousand impressions. NetSuite helps easily import the data corresponding to impression count and generate invoice automatically.

A Custom Netsuite Implementation Specific To A Media Or Film Company 

Finally, for getting the best out of Netsuite platform, it is important to ensure a custom implementation and configuration of this robust software suite by addressing specific requirements of the film and media industry. 

Apart from its core value proposition as the unified, integrated and automation driving software suite for business processes across all niches, Netsuite also stands apart from the competition because of the scope of customisation it offers. 

As per the specific requirements of your film, media or entertainment business you can customise the controls for tracking advertising orders, prospects, invoicing, upselling, advertiser retention and revenue management. 

You need to go for a leading Netsuite development and implementation company with considerable experience and exposure into the film and media industry. As the cloud automation business suite Netsuite is already the leading software platform. But to get the best out of the platform for your business process automation, you need an expert Netsuite partner who knows your pain points and Sofia requirements in detail. 


Since, retaining advertisers and subscribers is a major competitive challenge for the entire media and entertainment industry, the promises of cloud based software automation platforms like Netsuite already stood out from the traditional fragmented legacy software tools. No wonder, Netsuite has already received huge traction and popularity as the most capable business process automation suite for many industry niches including film, media and entertainment.



Mrudul Modh is the chief NetSuite Consultant of VNMT, A Netsuite Alliance Partner with years in Netsuite custom development and implementation across diverse industry niches.