Help Resurrect the Vampire Movie with The Rising - Raindance

Raindance is proud to work with the team bringing back the classic vampire in their new film ‘The Rising’. You can now access the co-branded Indiegogo page to get involved in this exciting indie horror here!Mrs Grindle

Caught within the chaos of a mystery illness that plagues the hospital where she works, a level-headed junior pathologist is thrown into a night of supernatural terror when she barely escapes an attack in the hospital mortuary.

As the horror unfolds, she is forced to overcome her rational way of thinking and face the dead rising as vampires and unleashing a plague of terror which nobody may be able to stop.

Producer Dain Thomas and director Neil James Drummond who co-wrote the script last year feel its been too long since we’ve seen a classic vampire film. A film where the vampire in the story is something to be feared, something that sends a chill down the spine, and needs to be destroyed.

The Rising is that film. “There are no romantic, introspective navel-gazing vampires in our movie. Just wait until you meet Mrs. Grindle; believe me, you’ll want to run like hell!”. The Rising is set to hark back to classic horror and vampire films, but is set in a gritty, realistic, contemporary world.

Mrs Grindle, the horrific antagonist of The Rising, will have to face up against the film’s lead: Rachel Whitethorn, a strong-willed heroine thrown into the nightmare scenario. The team adds that: “We specifically wanted a female lead, someone who would be the spiritual success or to characters such as Ellen Ripley (the Alien saga) or Laurie Strode (Halloween). Rachel is defined as an ordinary woman who is thrown into an extraordinary set of circumstances which she will have to fight to overcome.”

Both Thomas’ and Drummond’s aim is to get the film into as many international short film festivals and not only establish a new name amongst the horror alumni, but amongst British filmmakers, and they want fans of those communities to help get them there!

The Rising is due to begin principle photography this year, and you’re invited to help those cameras roll!



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