Happy Ind(i)ependence Day! - Raindance

Today the U.S. of A. celebrate their 237th year of independence from the British Empire with characteristic gusto and pride, putting on fireworks, feasts, dances and drinking marathons that’ll give the nation hang-overs that will last until Thanksgiving.

In London, meanwhile, we’re getting ready to bust out the still-slightly-soggy-from-last-time barbecue and picnic blanket because it might be sunny somewhere in the UK at some point over the next 2 months.

This just isn’t on. We’re jealous.

To get the rest of us Brits into the party spirit, we’re launching some fantastic, exciting and most importantly independent deals and competitions on Raindance courses and social media!


Facebook Competition!

We’ve put up a post:

Screen shot 2013-07-04 at 10.57.24

Like our page and leave a comment – you could be today’s winner!

The prize is 2 places on our Saturday Film School on either the 6th July or the 7th September, worth £240.00!


Full Package Giveaway!

Book either the Producer’s Foundation Certificate or the Lo-To-No Budget Filmmaking class with Elliot Grove and, on arrival to the course, we will give you THIS:


“What’s that?” we hear you ask in awe and wonder.

That’s the Raindance Filmmaking USB, which in combination with your course will kick-start your filmmaking career. Normally worth £25, this is a less of a stick and more of a full-on forest. It contains:

  • Over 200 produced scripts, including full Tarantino, Nolan, Del Torro, Aronofsky and Coen brothers suites!
  • Elliot Grove’s Lo-to-No Budget Filmmaking book. Featuring exclusive interviews and tips, guidelines and how-tos, the definitive independent filmmaking guide.
  • Raindance Film Festival trailers – Some of the best trailers from the past few years advertising Raindance. Very cool and creative, these might just give you that initial spark to start writing something!
  • Raindance course trailers, so you can check out some of our other classes!

Book yourself onto the Producer’s Foundation Certificate or the Lo-to-No Budget Filmmaking class NOW to claim your USB!

Offer ends July 20th!




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