Film fan to filmmaker make your dream come true in 2018

Happy 2019! It’s time to go from film fan to filmmaker

Here at Raindance we’ve decided that January is going to be a special month. What better month to re-invigorate your dreams than January? Of course, everyone repeats that every day, but we really mean it. Why? Assert yourself: let’s go from film fan to filmmaker.

Well, look at 2018 just gone. A glorious year full of embodied national and international pride and excitement in the forms of Brexit, the U.S. political craziness and humanity’s survival of yet another bullshit Apocalypse, to name a few.

That’s why we’ve decided that to follow this collectivist example. January will be the month of the individual. So far this year, arguably for the first time in history, we’ve become good at social activism. This month, it’s your turn to become good at something you’ve always wanted to try.

Go from film fan to filmmaker.

Raindance is here to provide some of the best practical and theoretical film courses, tutors and events around.  Kick your cinemaphilia out of the realm of ‘fan’ and into the world of ‘filmmaker’. We’ve got all the old favourite courses and events, along with some brand spanking new ones to keep our students the best-informed and most adaptable on the scene. Take a look below for an overview of how we’re kicking off the month.

And remember – your January can only be defined by you. Take the leap and make it a success story.

Excited? So are we. Let’s get cooking.

This man has a camera

MA Info Session | HND BTEC info sessions

You’ve heard about our revolutionary Postgraduate Film Degree? Drop in for an evening chat on how this revolutionary programme could enhance your filmmaking career. Register for a free place here

Taster Day Saturday 12 January 11am-3pm + Networking drinks

OK, so you’ve heard that Raindance doesn’t teach filmmakers, we make filmmaking. This is your chance to meet the filmmakers who will teach you how to become a filmmaker. Eight taster tutorials PLUS a drink on us. All for a fiver (Or free for Raindance Members) Bag a ticket here

99 Minute Film School 15 January 6:30pm-8:30pm

You can’t learn filmmaking in an evening can you? Let us try to teach you with Raindance founder Elliot Grove taking you behind the black curtain. Just £25 or free for members.
Find out more here

Directing Essentials 17 January 6:30pm-8:30pm

If you’ve ever fancied yourself as a film director this is it! Take this short, sharp class on film directing basics. Just £25 or free for members.
Find out more here

Saturday Film School 19 January 10am-5pm

This is the one-day introductory film class everyone is talking about. Taken by over 15,000 wannabee’s since it’s launch a few years ago. If you’ve wanted to write, produce or direct a film, this is a must. With Elliot Grove and Patrick Tucker
Just £150 or £59 for Raindance members.
Register online here

***Ate de Jong Directing Masterclass Sat & Sun 28/29 January 10am-5pm

This weekend film directing masterclass is presented with one of Europe’s most respected and seasoned film directors: Ate de Jong. He will be illustrating his masterclass with clips from his films such as DROP DEAD FRED, ENIGMA, DISCOVERY OF HEAVEN, HIGHWAY TO HELL, MIAMI VICE, DEADLY VIRTUES, LOVE IS THICKER THAN WATER and many more.
Don’t miss this chance to study with a master
***Save 33% Until January 2nd!

Raindance Foundation Certificates – London

Six different evening classes – five nights each. Pick your poison and specialise!

Filmmaker’s Foundation Certificate begins January 22nd

Writing, directing, no-budget producing all explained in this information packed evening session.
Want more?

Writer’s Foundation Certificate begins January 23rd

Learn how to take that idea for a movie out of your head and onto paper in five Wednesday nights.
Don’t procrastinate!

Directors Foundation Certificate begins January 24th

The bacsics of film directing. Learn how film directors look at a screenplay, cast and work with actors, direct the shoot and oversee the editing process.
Learn how to join this class here

Live!Ammunition! pitching competition January 28th

Don’t miss this action packed and entertaining nail-biter
Grab your spot. Free to Raindance members.

Producers’ Foundation Certificate –  begins March 6th

In filmmaking it’s about getting the script, then getting the money. Getting the money means getting the paperwork together. Learn how to create the business plan, plan the legal contracts, prepare the budget and schedule and finally how to get the money. Find out how.

Documentary Foundation Certificate – Begins March 7th

If you’re interested in causes or issues of social justice then learning how to create and monentise a documentary might be the route for you. Documentary filmmaking is hotter than hot right now. Don’t be left sitting on the sidelines. Get some.

Technical Foundation Certificate – Begins March 8th

Learn the basics of editing, sound, lighting, shooting with DSLR, and low budget special effects in five single evening classes. Take them all, or take the one(s) that interest you. Let Raindance’s professional tutors help you demystify the technical side of filmmaking. Get some.

Higher Film Education at Raindance

Raindance Special Events

Boozin’ n’ Schmoozin’ – Second Monday of every month

This is our monthly networking event, free to members. It’s a chance to pick up cast and crew, or commit yourself to someone else’s project. Or just get drunk and exchange business cards. Suit yourself.

Of course, this is not all that’s going on between now and the end of March. We’ve got countless more courses, events, talks, workshops and networking parties to get through. To see them all, check out the tab on the right hand side of the page here or take a look at our super-packed London Calendar.

We hope to see you at a Raindance event soon! And remember: make 2019 yours. Kick yourself from film fan to filmmaker.

The Raindance Team




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