Five Great Hand-to-Hand Combat Movies - Raindance

The Raid 1 & 2

The Raid surprises with an amazing – and for most people unknown – new style of Indonesian martial art called Pancack Silat. Coming out in 2011, The Raid stunned audiences with its fast and acrobatic fight scenes, letting everyone experience a new part of the diverse martial arts world.

Drunken Master

One of Jackie Chan’s earlier films, Drunken Master shows his genius martial arts abilities, not only in an effort to entertain the audience with extraordinary fighting skills, while also making them laugh. This gained him cult status all over the world.

Ong Bak

Tony Jaa’s thaiboxing masterpiece Ong Bak shows phenomenal acrobatic performances.  Even though thaiboxing was a known martial art the world over, this film made everyone want to go out and learn it.  Not only does it contain awesome fight scenes, but it is also provides audiences with a great story of the culture of Thailand.

Ip Man 1, 2 & 3

Although Bruce Lee is a cult figure in the action film world, little is known about his master Ip Man. This film, and the two sequels following, show his early life and struggles in the years before he became Bruce Lee’s teacher. Containing numerous visually-captivating fight sequences, this film introduces us to the old, tradition-rich martial art known as Wing Chun.

Undisputed 2 & 3

UFC and mixed martial arts are controversial topics in the media today. Undisputed presents us this art of mixing the two forms in an entertaining way. The first Undisputed is a boxing film; whereas it’s sequels concentrate on awe-inspiring and fast-paced action fight scenes, leaving audiences behind with open mouths.



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