Filmmaker's Shopping List - Raindance

As a filmmaker you can never have enough gadgets and there are some really nifty things to make your film shoots run more smoothly. Why not treat yourself or that special filmmaker in your life with one of these gizmos?

Director’s Notebook

Cost? £7.49
Planning is key to any good film shoot, this notebook makes it easier for you. The book has sections for to-do lists, templates for shots, lighting, angles, notes, and even frames for storyboards. This will make the planning stage easier and get you onto the exciting shooting of the film quicker.

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Cost? £17.97
On a low budget shoot it’s easier to use natural lighting but to give that a boost or direct it the way you want it’s best to use a Reflector. This particular one comes with seven different colours for different effects; white for a natural look, silver for a high contract image or green & blue if you will be colour keying the shot.

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Zoom h4npro Digital Recorder

Cost? £209.10
Sound makes movies! The h4npro provides the essential combination of mic’ing versatility, portability, and superior audio necessary for impactful storytelling.
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Rode Lavalier Microphone  

Cost? £147.56
A small, discreet lapel microphone that is great for interviews or under an actors collar for clear sound. Perfect to go with your new Zoom recorder

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Cost? £69.99
This light will attach directly onto your DSLR camera and will light up the eyes of your actors or interviewees. It’s also great for picking out shadows on faces and has attachable neural density filters depending on the light levels you require.

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Samsung Galaxy Gear 360

Cost? £292.79
A great value 260 camera that links straight to your Samsung and stitches the video for you! Ideal for learning 360/VR and creating proof of concept shorts.

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Pico Flex Mute Dolly Kit

Cost? £49.99
Smooth camera movement is one of the easiest way to add production values to your film. This dolly works with cameras of all shapes and sizes. An ideal gadget gift!
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Harvey is the Filmmaker in Residence/Tech Genie and is often referred to as the Brad Pitt of Raindance*. He has directed several shorts including The Many Faces of Beth Jones and Yes, Virginia.

*Once. Sarcastically.

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