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10 Twitter Tips For Filmmakers

If you’re a Twitter user who doesn’t follow @Raindance, you’re missing a lot of great film tips and training!

The following is a list of (30) assorted tips, insider info, facts and reminders we tweeted in the last 30 days. Any one of these could be just the tool you needed to turbocharge your filmmaking career.

Professionals, filmmakers, and graduate students write some of the finest artilces about filmmaking available on the web. Each of these are Re-Tweetable – just click on the [ReTweet This] to auto populate your own twitter account, and edit to your satisfaction.

Raindance Tips for Documentary Filmmakers:

5 Mistakes Documentary Makers Make – [ReTweet This]
The Top Grossing Documentaries of the ’00’s – [ReTweet This]
Top 10 Tips for Guerilla Filmmaking –  [ReTweet This]
Bogged down with legals while shooting your movie? | Errors & Omissions Insurance Essentials –  [ReTweet This]


Why every script needs a cracking crisis –  [ReTweet This]
One Clear and Simple Theme to Rule them All – [ReTweet This]
How much do you get paid? Writers’ Guild of Great Britain Agreements – [ReTweet This]
Writing a screenplay this stormy London weekend? How To Start A Screenplay – [ReTweet This]
10 Story Techniques You Must Use to Sell Your Script – [ReTweet This]
Create Sizzling Scripts – [ReTweet This]
Finished your script? Time for rewrites! 5 Steps to Rewriting – [ReTweet This]


Plan your film – The Lego Way! – [ReTweet This]
A Film Director’s Check List After You Shout ‘CUT!”  [ReTweet This]
Hey Filmmakers? Is this a fight worth fighting? Tarantino vs Hitchcock – [ReTweet This]
10 Things A Filmmaker Needs Every Day – [ReTweet This]
5 Tips for Building a Filmmaker’s Website – [ReTweet This]
10 Film Directors On Twitter – [ReTweet This]
9 Tricks Filmmakers Use To Make Interesting Shots – [ReTweet This]


Tips and Tools for Film Distribution – [ReTweet This]
How much is your movie worth? – [ReTweet This]
Create a buzz round your movie! – [ReTweet This]
A first timer’s account of selling a feature film at The American Film Market – [ReTweet This]
Finance your film! – [ReTweet This]
Piracy and the Future of the Film Industry – [ReTweet This]


For Your Consideration: The 50 Most Despicable Oscar Snubs of the 2000s – [ReTweet This]
Is Social Media the new Punk Rock? – [ReTweet This]
2009 UK Brit List of Best Unproduced British Unproduced Scripts – [ReTweet This]
Want to keep up to date with your favourite star? – [ReTweet This]
Start the new day bright! 4 Habits of Successful Filmmakers – [ReTweet This]
3 Big Mistakes Filmmakers Make After The Film’s In The Can  [ReTweet This]



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