Raindance Film School – Dubai

Raindance Film School – Dubai is situated in the prestigious Jumairah area. The neighbourhood offers film and media students a plethora of breathtaking locations with sunshine all year round that can potentially be used for filming, from the beach front to the restaurants, shops and hotels within the vicinity.   Our flagship campus will offer a range of short courses, foundation certificates and undergraduate programmes.  International students are welcome to apply, and assistance will be provided in finding suitable accommodation.

The campus will open early 2020.  Applications are now open for the HND in Film and HND in Acting (leading to BA Hon’s degree) starting in 2020.

TEL: +971 (0)4-5474164           EMAIL: dubai@raindance.org

Short Courses

Take a look at our range of world-renowned
evening and weekend film training courses.


Higher National Diploma in Filmmaking

 This is a full-time University level course for those who wish
to pursue a career in the film industry such as
screenwriting, directing, producing or cinematography.


Higher National Diploma in

Screen Acting with Filmmaking

This is a full-time University level course for those who wish
to pursue a career in acting for screen and/or filmmaking.


Youth Academy

The Raindance Youth Filmmaker’s Academy is a unique after-school club
designed for secondary school students who aspire to become
filmmakers, animators, or Screenwriters.


Postgraduate Degree

Available to take online, this film degree is tailored to every student:
you set your own goals, develop your own learning activities,
and get the support that you need from our faculty.